New Earthing Book - Barefoot Wisdom

Simply put, Barefoot Wisdom is about nurturing human potential and well-being through grounding. Acknowledged by many health & wellness advocates, and passionate enthusiasts, getting grounded is one of the best and easiest ways to better health.

Great news!  We have a new Earthing book "Barefoot Wisdom" that's an easy read for anyone new to Earthing.  This book absolutely nails what Earthing is all about, so everyone can understand the principles behind earthing and grounding.  The information is clear, uplifting and healing and shows just how simple and amazing it can be to use the Earth as the ultimate healer. It's full of real-life experiences and remarkable individual case studies.  

The book has been passionately written by Sharon Whitely, who is the founder of our loved Pluggz Grounding Shoes, and Dr Ann Marie Chiasson, who is a practising integrative and energy medicine physician and author of Energy Healing.  

This book would make an absolutely great gift this year - think teachers, students, work colleagues, Kris Kringle, and for any of your friends or family who can't sleep, are suffering from pain or just can't work out what's going on with them. 

Get Better Health Through Grounding and Pick Up a Copy of "Barefoot Wisdom" Now by clicking here.

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