New Earthing Reports

Just wanted to share the Earthing Institute's new and encouraging reports and add a little bit of a fun fact - that Elvis Presley knew the benefits of Earthing long before all the research (as you probably did too!).

Please pass on and share the reports with your friends and family.

Take a step back in time and have a laugh while you listen to The King’s  “Barefoot Ballard”!  Please click on the picture to watch.

To Read the Institute's full report please Click Here 

Tattooing & Earthing – Got one on a whim and now want it removed or thinking about that perfect piece of body art BUT Ouch you don’t like pain that’s associated with it – well you really need to read this article. 

Click here to read now.

Do you exercise or do yoga, muscles feel tired well you may find this interesting. Find Out how using Earthing can help you.               
Please Click Here to go to report.

Are you a Massage Therapist, feel drained, burnt out at the end of the day? What Earthing Products can help you?
Please Click Here to read more.


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