New Evidence That Covid Can Live On Your Phone for 28 Days - Our Stellarcleenz wipes it out FAST!

New evidence from CSIRO claims that Covid can live on your mobile phone and smooth surfaces for up to 28 days. Our pure silver Stellarcleenz cloth can wipe it out in seconds. Be one step ahead of the crowd and protect yourself and family.

I was shocked last night to find out there had been a reported case of Covid at a hotel in our suburb – lucky for me it’s not a regular place I visit, however, where else has this person or their friends been – our local supermarket, post office, bank, etc? And on the same news was also a story from the CSIRO saying that the virus has been tested and shown it can live up to 28 days on smooth surfaces, such as your mobile phones. See their chart below.

After hearing these stories I really feel it’s now even more important to always have a Pure Silver Stellarcleenz cloth with you. Either attached to your clothes or bag so that’s it's easy to wipe down surfaces while out and about such as handles, escalators, ATMs, beepers, and then your hands. Be aware next time you go shopping as to how many surfaces you touch AFTER you have washed your hands and it could take just that one time that you may eat or put your hands to your mouth or nose that ends in a virus entering your body. 

The Germ Busting Stellarcleenz Cloth kills 99% of germs, fungi and viruses as well a bacteria that can linger on objects.  
All you have to do is simply wipe over your phone, handles, beepers and then hands after coming in contact with a smooth surface.

It requires very little washing and is very long-lasting. Its all-natural, chemically free and won't dry out your hands as gels and wipes do. 
Protection is always better than cure so get that protection now with our Stellarcleenz cloth or any of our other amazing Silver Products so you can stay one step ahead of this horrible virus and do your bit to stop it.  Take a look at our range of Germ Busting Silver Products by CLICKING HERE





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