Our Gorgeous Range of Grounding Shoes

Our gorgeous Pluggz Grounding - Earthing Shoes are ideal to wear while outside. See our range in this video.

Our gorgeous Pluggz Grounding - Earthing Shoes are ideal to wear while outside. The moment you connect to grass, sand, dirt and even the concrete paths and sidewalks you will be grounded - earthed. The more hours in a 24 hour period you can be Earthed the better. The shoe sole contains a conductive rubber plug that when touching a conductive surface will allow the Earth's electrons to flow through to your body.

You will become the same electrical potential as the Earth, which means you will be pushing off "postive" electrical charges which will help keep you body in a balanced state. It is basically being the same as "Barefoot" only with foot protection and comfort.

They are ideal to wear to the office or retail work and team up with our Universal Mat. Standing on the Earthing Mat while wearing our conductive Grounding shoes would be the same as standing barefoot on the Earth and reaping the benefits while you work

Did you know that the common shoe could be part of the cause of many modern illnesses today.  You see around 1960 rubber soled shoes where introduced and we suddenly started to lose our natural connection to the Earth.  Before that most shoes were leather soled and when perspiration built up on the foot this would open up the channel for the electrons to flow through to the foot and thus ground us.  The common shoe, while convenient, economical and comfortable may also be detrimental to our good health and well-being. Around the 1960's is when inflammatory illnesses started to increase and is now at an all time high despite our advancement in modern medicine and medical treatments and is said to be the root cause of most modern diseases.  Keep inflammation at bay and you keep illness at bay.  

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