Our Warm And Snuggly Throw - You'll Love It!

Winter is here and the days and nights are getting much cooler and if you feel the cold our soft, warm padded Earthing Throw is a beautiful addition to your Earthing Products because not only will it Earth you it will keep you toastie warm as well!

You can use the Throw in many ways such as
  • Wrap or drape over you while relaxing or watching TV
  • Use as a top or bottom blanket in your bed
  • Use in cots
  • Use as a soft blanket/mat to sit on - young and old
  • Have it as your own 'blanky'

One side of the Throw is conductive only and as long as you make some skin contact with this side, you will be Earthed - just part of your hands is enough.  They are great to keep in your lounge room so that you can snuggle up and be Earthed while watching TV, reading, meditating or just having a snooze.  I love mine as a top blanket in winter as well as with my Earthing Sheet underneath, it just keeps me really warm as I don't like to wear heavy PJ's.


A TIP  - I sewed a piece of fabric to the bottom of my Throw so that I could tuck it under my mattress, while using as a top blanket.  This keeps it in place just like a sheet and covers the full length of my body, keeping my feet nice and warm.  


I know once you own a Throw you'll love it forever - just watch out for your furry friends because they'll love it just as much as you do!

Relax with Your Throw

Use As a Top Blanket for Extra Warmth

Use as an Earthing Blanket To Sleep on



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