Shocked At The Time I Spent Earthed!

We have had such a busy week and finally all set up here at Melbourne Mind Body Spirit.  So if you’re from down this way, we’d love to see you at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

While we’ve been so hectic in the office, our staff love the fact they can still connect to the Earth while they work – all our work stations have universal mats so staff can kick off their shoes or wear Earthing shoes and still get Grounded –  reaping the benefits of the Earth’s free electrons while they work.

But after watching Dr. Laura Koniver's video last week on "How Much Earthing Do We Need" - Click Here if you missed, it got me thinking. How many of you or your friends and family get Grounded on a regular basis? Are you actually aware of how much time you spend barefoot on the earth or getting grounded using Earthing products on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?

A couple of months ago I kept a journal of how much time I actually spent touching the Earth (disregarding all my Earthing Products) - as if I was not aware of Earthing and the Indoor Products and I have to tell you I was SHOCKED at the results!

In a two week period I only made 2 minutes contact with the Earth - thats right just 2 minutes out of 336 hours!   This would be the majority of the population who are not aware of Earthing, do not have the luxury to walk barefoot or do not use the Indoor Earthing Products.  And while Dr. Koniver points out that any Earthing is better than no Earthing - I find that the more I can do the better I can maintain my good health and pain free body.   Now in reality I was using my Earthing Products and clocked up about 224 hours out of the 336 hours - I'm happy with that!

I also got one of my friends to keep a log and again she only managed about an hour or so, however, she was aware of trying to be barefoot.  This is what she had to say about trying to keep connected.....

“The only time I really got to stop and take my shoes off and connect with the earth was a couple of afternoons after school playing in the backyard with the kids. It was the same on the weekend. But it was a conscious decision I had to make to take my shoes off, as I am so used to going everywhere with shoes on my feet. I would probably only ever go barefoot at home too – I don’t think it’s safe to do so at a public park in case of broken glass or needles.”

So we’d also love you to share your experiences with us and we have five beautiful journals by renowned Intuition Physician Lara Koniver to give away.   If you would like one of these Exclusive journals, simply reply to this email or head to our Facebook Page, like it (if you haven’t already done so), and tell us how many hours you spent connecting to Earth this week.  A comparison would be good also- with Indoor products and without.    We will choose five lucky winners at the end of next week on 12th June.   

Remember:  When you walk barefoot on the earth, bathe in the ocean or connect yourself with Earthing products, you become linked back to earth and your body becomes charged with the Earth’s free electrons. It’s like a free re-charge of antioxidants mopping up all that free radical damage we are exposed to daily!









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