Stellarcleenz Silver Sanitizing Cloths

Most commercial hand sanitizers are filled with harmful toxic chemicals that will over time damage the immune system, however, we have a natural, safe, economic amazing 99.9% Silver Sanitizing range of products to stop viruses in their tracks.

I heard an interesting comment from a news article the other night, that said, “sanitizing your hands constantly will be the new norm”. While this is necessary sometimes, what will be the cost to our health?

Most commercial sanitizers contain harmful chemicals, and after constant use can dry out and damage your skin as well as killing good bacteria that lives just below the skin.  These toxic chemicals can also enter your bloodstream, cells, tissues and even kill off good gut bacteria.  All these things lead to a compromised immune system which is what we are trying to keep safe.  We seem to be damned if we do and damned if we don’t. 

However, we have a natural solution for you!  Our Silver Sanitizing Products, which are made from 99.99% pure silver plated to a silk nylon thread.  Silver has been used for medical purposes for many centuries and only started to disappear with the introduction of antibiotics and commercial pharmaceutical creams and lotions. Pure silver kills 99% of germs, fungi and viruses.

Our Silver cloths, mitts and handle wraps are a natural and safe alternative to alcohol and chemical-based anti-microbial products on the market.

Our Silver products contain none of these nasties and not only are they safe portable, easy to take with you, economical, reusable for many times over and they definitely WILL NOT HARM YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.

The Silver Cloths and Mitts are safe for everyone including children, babies and those with a compromised immune system.  They can also be used on surfaces such as desks, keyboards, phones, door handles, etc.

When I went to our local shops the other day, the number of surfaces I touched was never-ending and it would be impossible to keep sanitizing your hands without side effects, however, I had my Stellarcleenz silver cloth attached to my jeans and conveniently and discreetly was able to constantly wipe my hands knowing that they were free from germs.

Adding one of our Stellarcleenz Silver cloths to your life is certainly a smart thing to do during these turbulent times and you won’t want to leave home without it!

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