Stress, Earthing and Meditation

STRESS, STRESS, STRESS!!  It’s that time of year when everything can just get on top of you.  Earthing has been shown to help with calming down our nervous system, however, sometimes we just try to do too much and the happy season suddenly becomes the unhappy season for many of us.

Davidji, one of my favourite meditation teachers, is generously offering a beautiful FREE meditation each day for the next 40 days to help cope with the added stress and pressure associated around this time of the year.  Add this with your Earthing and your nervous system will remain calm and focussed throughout the “silly season”.

If you’re busy like me your immediate response may be “That’s nice but I don’t have time to spare”, however, most of us are at our computers at least once a day so before you check facebook, emails or get ready for a busy day, sit quietly, with your feet on your Earthing Mat or connect to any other Earthing Product and tune into Davidji’s beautiful calming voice for just 15 minutes, out of your 24 hours.    If it feels like an hour to you or you're fidgetting you definitely need it. 

Save it on your favourites bar so that it’s easy to access each day.
Davidji's Free Gift To You

Enjoy, you will love Davidji's meditations!

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