The Dangers In Your Drinking Water!

A lot of harmful chemicals have been ending up in our water ways which end up in your drinking water from all the heavy rain we have had this Autumn. See our article of what the Water Board is spraying around our dams now!

March has been an exceptionally wet month with lots of flooding which would be causing a lot of chemicals and pesticides to run off into our waterways and dams. While the Water Board take care that our water is as clean as possible in times like this it is almost impossible to know what could be ending up in our drinking water and the best way to ensure you are in fact drinking clean water is to use a Water Purification System in your home.

Our Propur Water Purification Systems can certainly eliminate most harmful chemicals and pesticides including Glyphosate (Roundup) andFluorides, both of which have been proven to cause serious problems to your health and even change your DNA. If you look at the public newspaper notice below from Water NSW you can clearly see what chemicals are being used around our waterways. Added to this you have all the chemicals used on farmlands and residential gardens spilling over and ending up in our waterways adding to the concoction! 

Glyphosate (Roundup) and Fluoride have been documented to cause many health issues within the human body and if you google or youtube you can find many reports and studies on this subject.  Below you can watch just two of them which are quite informative. Click on the pictures below to view on youtube.

Because hydration is so important with the body’s process of Earthing we now carry a top range of Propur Water Purification Systems that will protect you from these harmful chemicals and will suit every budget and household.  Take a look below at our range starting from as little as $139.00 as well as shower filters that will stop these chemicals from entering from the skin.

Please be aware that now is a very important time to be drinking purified water for the health of yourself, your families and especially young children – Shop bought Brita Filters and Chlorine filters WILL NOT filter out these harmful toxins, however, our Propur Filters have been proven to reduce these harmful chemicals.   You can find our Water Filters under our complementary tab on our website or by clicking on the picture below.

Glyphosate Video

Click on the picture to watch the youtube clip.



Water Board Pesticide Notice
Our Water Filters shower heads


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