The Secret's out about EARTHING!

Earthing has finally got the attention of the country with journalists now independently reporting on the health benefits of walking barefoot on the Earth. An article, on Earthing and Barefoot Walking  was the featured story in last week's  Body and Soul Liftout of the Sunday Telegraph Paper (July 6).    This is a great step forward to get this important health message out to thousands of people around Australia.  

If you have the article please pull out and share around with those of your family and friends that may benefit from reading it - it's not from us and it's not from you, it's independent reporting!

Thanks to all our Earther's this message has now gone national and we are making a difference to the "thinking and awareness" of the Australian People when it comes to their health and well-being.  Many are reducing and even eliminating pain from their body that they have had for years and can now start interacting in activities like walking, dancing and tennis again.  Many are sleeping much deeper and are waking feeling more refreshed with less pain and can face their day with enthusiasm and a bounce in their step.  Many have become calmer and less anxious and can therefore interact better with family, society and work again. And many have been able to reduce or EVEN eliminate their medications making them feel a whole lot better without those harmful side effects.
Earthing is truly an amazing natural remedy for modern day illnesses!
Body and Soul Lift Out in the Sunday Telegraph
July 6, 2014

Click here to read an on-line version in Herald Sun





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