Tips To Stay Earthed This Winter

I have had a few calls over the last couple of weeks, probably due to the cold weather, asking how much skin contact needs to be touching the Earthing Sheet, or pads to be effective.

It is simple really, as long as some bare skin comes in direct contact with the Earthing sheet, pad or mat, such as your feet or hands. However, if some part of your body does not directly contact the sheet, it will require some moisture (perspiration) for the direct current of the Earth to flow through the fabric into your body.  For some people this occurs naturally during the night when moisture from the body creates the necessary conductivity. Best, however, is having some small amount of bare skin contact and this could just be your hands or feet.

Some people have asked if there is any type of pyjama fabric that will not work with the sheet and according to the Earthing Institute the fabric of the pyjamas is irrelevant – if there is enough moisture on the body the electrons will flow through regardless, it could just take a little longer to notice pain reduction.

Electric Blankets and Hot Water Bottles

It is quite safe to use an Electric Blanket under an Earthing Sheet or a full fitted sheet on your heated Water Bed, however, it is highly recommended that you switch off your electric blanket when sleeping.  You can also safely use hot water bottles on top of the Earthing Sheet, pads or mat and if they happen to leak, the water, will not hurt the sheet in any way.

Important to Stay Earthed and Do Not Stop

The importance is to STAY Sleeping Earthed through the colder months as this is when our body is getting the least amount of natural contact outdoors.  Even if it's just your big toe touching the Earthing Sheet, you will be Earthed!  Over the years, we have heard from many people who experienced relief and improvements from sleeping Earthed and then stopped for some reason.  Their gains began eroding after about two weeks. We advise people to make Earthing part of a healthy lifestyle routine and keep grounding themselves everyday, forever. Don’t stop. We all evolved connected to the Earth. Staying connected may be the difference between feeling good and feeling bad. Earthing is not just for regaining well-being, but also for maintaining it.

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