Too Many Pills Prescribed - How Can Earthing Help

One of the beneficial effects of Earthing is that as your health conditions improve you may be able to come off long used medications, which is what happened to me.  Earthing helped me to totally get off Asthma Steroid medication that I had been on for over 20 years.  This made me feel better, has saved me heaps of money and allowed my lungs to heal and repair and get stronger instead of getting weaker and having to continually increase the medication. 

So when I watched a program on Catalyst the other night, about Doctors prescribing too much medicine, I thought this really needs to be shared so that you or your loved ones have the awareness to make your own informed decisions. Doctors are certainly needed, however, we all need to be aware that pills and procedures should be our last option not the first.  One of the most interesting comments was from a Doctor saying, "The hardest thing in medicine is to do nothing", they feel compelled to prescribe medication.

And to see how much harm this overprescribing is doing here are some statistics I just recently read in a health article - 42% of overdose deaths in VICTORIA were caused by prescription drugs alone and 10 million scripts for Benzodiazepines (panic and anxiety disorders) are written in AustraliaEach Year! What's going on, these are alarming figures -  we have to take control of our own health. 

Earthing has been proved to help with many health conditions and now many innovative Doctors are recommending to try Earthing before they go down the medication track.  Enjoy the video and please pass on to all those it may help.

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