Universal Mat February Special

The Universal Earthing Mat is the best thing you can do for your body. It enables you to be connected to the Earth everyday in the comfort of your own home and when it suits you. No effort involved and giving you maximum health benefits!

We have a great February Special for you because as one of our customer’s told us, “every house in Australia should have one!” She was talking about our Universal Earthing Mats and I couldn’t agree more!  If you really want to get the maximum from Earthing have these mats set up all around your home and office, at all your kid’s electronic stations, in the lounge room and anywhere else you sit, relax or stand for more than 30 minutes.  Our Earthing Mats are like bringing a piece of the Earth inside to ground when it suits you – rain, hail or shine!

The Earthing Universal Mat would have to be one of the easiest item to incorporate into your daily life and get so many benefits like knocking down inflammation.  Just set up where you normally sit, work or stand.   Inflammation is one of the root causes or most modern diseases today and it’s a hot topic and we have our hands and "feet" literally on one of the best things to reduce it on a daily basis so that our body can naturally heal and repair each day, just as it is meant to - and the energy is absolutely free!

If you’re using your Earthing Mat at a computer station or anywhere there is electronics you will be reducing body voltage that’s induced on your from common electrical sources.  This is a good thing as it basically negates the charge pushing off harmful positive charges (free radical damage) and allowing the body to function in a more natural environment.

I think the best place to use your Universal mat is with your bare feet on it as our feet have the most nerve endings per square inch on the body and that is also where you find the K1 – Kidney One Point in Chinese Medicine. This point is the major entryway for the absorption of Earth Qi – the Earth’s energy – and connects further up in the body reaching many of the major organs.   It makes sense that our feet should be in touch with the Earth as much as possible.  Of course not everyone can take their shoes off at work so putting a mat on top of your desk so that any part of your bare arms or hands touch is the next best thing.  It just takes a small amount of bare skin connection to be grounded.   Just as a note you can also wear stockings and everyday socks with the Earthing mat and it will still allow the transfer of electrons to flow through once a very slight perspiration layer is on the skin.

And if you hate the thought of taking off your shoes but still want to use with your feet, you can team up with our special Pluggz GROUNDING SHOES  Our Maya wedges are very stylish and suitable for office attire.  When wearing the shoes just place on the Earthing Mat and you will be getting all the barefoot benefits through the special inbuilt conductive plug.

So one of the best things you could ever do is have our Earthing mats all through you house and office as you’ll get maximum health benefits for the least amount of work, and we all want less work and more time for fun!

Mat Special

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