What You Are Deficient In - If You Are Not Earthing - Doctors Are Ignorant Of This!

Most people today are electron deficient - it's silent, can't be seen or tested and it can lead to many health problems mainly stemming from inflammation and your Doctor hasn't got a clue why you are getting sick. There is a simple solution!

After talking to quite a few people the last couple of weeks, it is apparent that we lead such busy lives these days and many of us just don’t get the time to go barefoot outside for a considerable amount of time and consistently.  And I hear you – if it wasn’t for my indoor Earthing products I would be the same.

When you get sick the first place you go to is the Doctor who will usually do blood tests and more, looking for answers. A lot of the time the tests come back with high levels of inflammation and you are given a name for your illness and more than likely placed on medication to ease the symptoms but really they are just covering up the cause of the problem and why you have this inflammation in the first place. 

This brings us to Earthing and why it is so important to do in today’s hectic and modern world, not to do just sometimes but every single day!  You see our body is like a battery and needs electrons with a negative charge to balance out the electrons we are bombarded with every minute, which are positively charged from things like processed foods, pollution, stress, wifi, etc.   Nature has always provided this amazing solution to us from the beginning of creation – it’s not new. All we need to do is touch the earth with our bare feet or skin to uptake these electrons and it was a good remedy for many years in the past when we were more connected to the land.  However, today we wear rubber-soled shoes, live in insulated homes, work in multistory office blocks, drive around in cars and tend to spend a great deal more time inside.  Think Uber eats, etc., where all we need to do is pick up our mobile phone and dial for food without leaving our lounge chair. 

Our Batteries Need Charging

Unfortunately, there is no simple test to see your level of negative to positive electrons and most Doctors today are ignorant of this very ancient but necessary part of living – they,  themselves, end up sick from working long hours in surgeries and hospitals.   Our body is like a big battery and constantly needs recharging with these negatively charged electrons. Imagine if you didn’t charge your mobile phone every night – it would just eventually die.  How many decades did it take for Doctors to realise how important Vitamin D is for our body and now they routinely test for it?

Most people who don’t earth or ground today are basically “electron deficient” – it’s silent, can’t be seen or tested and it can cause heaps of problems mainly stemming from inflammation from pain to poor sleep and then lead to more life-threatening Auto-immune diseases – and your Doctor hasn’t got a clue why you are getting sick, they can only prescribe medication for you.

The simplest and easiest way to become electron balanced is to make Earthing part of your daily routine – every single day/night for the rest of your life – YES YOUR WHOLE LIFE! Just like your mobile phone!  This balanced electron state is how we are meant to function as human beings, take it away and you will eventually suffer in some way, especially in today’s modern world of technology.  Did you know that all living things in nature have this constant electrical connection with the earth, except for us humans?

Over the last 11 years of being an Australian Earthing Specialist and listening to your stories and circumstances, I truly believe that the average person can't have a natural state of balanced electrons and therefore must rely on the next best thing, which is our Indoor Earthing/Grounding products.  These products are not miracles but are a means to bring the electrons to you in the comfort of your home or office. It’s not the earthing products that do the repairing – it is the electrons that they are bringing to you and keeping your body balanced so it is put in the right place to naturally heal and repair itself. 

My recommendation is to be sleeping grounded every single night with one of our Earthing Mattress Covers or Earthing Sleep Mats.  And during the day while you work, relax or stand use our Earthing Universal Mat as it’s just like bringing the outside inside and making it very convenient to use. And to get that extra bit of grounding while out and about start wearing our Grounding Shoes or Grounding Thongs which will just be like walking barefoot and allowing you to add to your electron uptake. In today’s modern world we need to be Earthing as much as possible in a 24-hour period.

There is plenty of research on Earthing/Grounding the human body now and I encourage you to research the huge amount of Earthing Studies at the Earthing Institute if you are sceptical in any way.  However, if you are one of the people that understand how this helps our human body to survive in this crazy modern world then please encourage everyone you know to start Earthing – the earlier the better! From babies to the very elderly as all will benefit. 

Please click here if you would like to learn more about Earthing or click here if you would like to start Earthing with our Starter Packs.

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