What's Planned for Earthing 2016

Well it was a big year last year with the release of the new 99.9% Earthing silver pillow cases and the grounded Yoga Mat as well as the new Pluggz all “vegan” grounding ballet flats – the verdict is clear people are loving the benefits of Earthing and with that new products will keep evolving.

With this in mind Clint Ober’s Earthing company is constantly updating and changing products to make sure Earthing is easy and simple for the end user.  This year we will see some of our favourites being phased out and new revolutionary products taking over, and of course I will keep you updated with their release and get them into Australia as quickly as possible.

Because Earthing should not be viewed as a “cure all” but as part of a holistic approach to health and wellness we will be endeavouring to bring you complimentary products, from time to time, that may be of benefit to you to add to your “health toolbox” and at exclusive discounted prices when possible.  During the last 5 years distributing Earthing Products I have met some wonderful people, all with a passion, to pass on their knowledge or products that genuinely help people get better without the use of prescription medication or cut and burn surgery.  The biggest thing is getting this awareness out there, that these methods are available and usually at a fraction of the price when you consider the cost of on going health care, medication, specialists fees and your valuable time taken up. 

The stock lines that will be discontinued are below and as mentioned once we run out there gone!   So here is your opportunity to grab the products you love or have on your wish list while they are still available.


  • FLAT SHEETS, as mentioned last newsletter - We have a small amount still available – they are great if you like the feeling of being completely immersed in the Earth and with top and bottom sheets similar to the Recovery Bag but without the zippers.  They also make great covers for lounges, mats or to make a cover for a larger pet’s bedding, etc., just a great piece of Earthing fabric to use with your imagination.
  • The RECOVERY SLEEPING BAG – I love these sleeping bags and find them great for travelling, sport’s people love them and many of our customers who are recovering from cancers find them very useful.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to get anymore into Australia and they will be phased out altogether.  I’m not sure at this stage if there will be any sort of replacement. 
  • The PLUSH PADS – It seems in the US, the population likes the bigger Throw better so these handy little Earthing Pads will no longer be available once we sell out – the US has already sold out, we still have stock, however, we are not sure how long they will last now people are aware they will be gone.  
  • SILVERCARE – I will no longer be stocking this as with the aussie dollar dropping and its weight it is getting far too expensive for the end consumer.   Just to be clear, the Silvercare does not restore damaged silver thread in any way it just keeps it clean, however, if you continue to wash your sheets as our instructions the silver should stay clean and conductive.  ► Click Here if you wish to revise our cleaning instructions.
We know 2016 will be an exciting year and look forward to sharing it with you!

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