What's Skiing Got to do with Earthing?

Looks like the cold weather is well and truly about to hit the southern states this weekend, with lots of snow predicted in the Alpine regions.  

So… you may be tempted to rush to the slopes and enjoy a few action packed days of skiing, snowboarding or just fun frolicking about.

Did you know that you can get the more out of your snow trip by making sure you Earth yourself after your day of skiing by using one of our many Earthing Products.

This is what, one of our happy customers had to say........

Vaughn, Aged 52


“Normally when I go skiing, I’m so excited to see the white powder and go hard at it all day, enjoying every second, but come the next morning I’m usually stiff and feel like I’m a 100 and then need to have a quite day until the pain calms down – which is really frustrating when you only have a few days.  Well, this year I decided to take my half sheet with me and slept Earthed.  After a hard day of skiing I couldn’t believe the difference the next morning.  When I got out of bed, I wasn’t suffering from my usual muscle soreness and was ready for another jam packed day and this continued for the 4 days I was skiing.

I can really recommend Earthing because for an older bloke, I kept up with the young ones and didn’t miss a second of the fun!"


So if you’re planning to hit the snow this season our recommendations for getting the maximum enjoyment out of your few days is to consider taking one of these:-

  • The Plush Pad – small and compact, can place on the bed anywhere, and doesn’t take up too much room in your bag.  Great for under the legs.

  • Half Sheet - rolls up small, great for two people at the bottom of the bed or get full body coverage by placing vertically on the bed for one person.

  • Body Band Around the Foot – Takes up very little room and connects around your foot on the K1 point (just under your big toe towards the middle of the foot) while you sleep.  Hint:  Put a sock on to keep the band in place all night.

  • Recovery Bag - great for muscle recovery from extreme sports, slip in like a sleeping bag for full body coverage.  The bag can be rolled up quite small and compact for easy travel. Suitable for one person only, however, can be unzipped to a flat sheet.

Hit the slopes this winter and enjoy the difference with Earthing!





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