Winter Tips for using Your Earthing Products

Earthing indoors - Tips to Keep Grounded This Winter

Most of us are well and truly feeling the cold nights of winter and now is the perfect time to make sure you are Earthing indoors as much as possible as most of those feet have probably got nice snug boots and shoes on for a good part of the day and night.

Using Your Black Universal Mat when it’s Cold:

  • When using your black mat it is fine to leave your socks on, providing they are not a super thick acrylic type.  Cotton is the best to wear and after about 20 minutes you will have built up a slight sweat layer and this will make your feet conductive through the socks.  Stockings are also fine.
  • If you really want to use those big thick socks, a simple way to still uptake those valuable electrons through the soles of the feet is to cut a very small hole about 2cm under the big toe and towards the middle of the sole (K1 Point) so that when the feet are directly on the mat you are still making bare skin contact.   You can also do this with those inexpensive floppy slippers or moccasins.
  • Some people also tuck their feet in the mat cover for a little bit more extra warmth.


Sleeping Earthed in Winter:

  • In colder climates it can be very hard to sleep with little on and most of us rug up with cosy flannel PJ’s or trackies and are concerned there is little bare skin touching the sheet. As long as you have your hands or feet touching the sheet you will be grounded.  And as mentioned before you can wear your cotton socks to bed if you need to.
  • An easy way to test that your body is conductive with these clothes on is to use the Product Tester.  Make sure your product tester is connected to the plug and then while on your sheet touch the back of the metal disk with a finger, and press button if you have newer tester, a green light will come on if you are conductive.


Other ways to Keep Warm and Grounded:

  • Use the beautiful warm Throw Blanket and snuggle your feet up in it or throw over the top of you while sleeping for some extra warmth.
  • Roll the hands up in the warm Plush Pad while watching TV or some people have sewn the sides together to slip their feet into like a bag.

Winter Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I Use An Electric Blanket?  Yes, it will not damage the sheet, however, it is recommended that it is turned off while you are sleeping. 
  • Can I Use A Hot Water Bottle And What Happens If It Leaks?  It is fine to use a hot water bottle and if it leaks it is only water so therefore will not damage the silver.
  • How Many Times Should I Wash My Sheet In Winter? This is different for each person as only you know your body and how much it may sweat.  It is still recommended to wash at least twice a month in WARM water.   If you are not laying directly on a sheet or blanket and have it over you, you may not have to wash as often, however, you will have to be the judge on this – if you think it is building up with sweat and body oils it is best to wash to keep the silver fibre clean and conductive.
Please use our recommended liquid laundry detergent “Earth Choice” as we know this will not harm the silver fibres in the sheet.  If you choose to other detergents please make sure it has no essential oils or whiteners as these willdamage the silver threads over time and your sheet will lose its conductivity earlier than expected.
  • Can I Dry My Sheet In the Dryer?  Yes on low heat.  If you can wash during the day and let it air dry inside, if you can’t line dry, then finish off in dryer on low heat.

So keep up the indoor Earthing and reap the benefits of keeping your immune system healthier during these cold flu months.

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