Winter with your Earthing Throw

The chilly winter weather is well and truly here and I’ve been loving my beautiful warm Earthing throw while I’m sleeping Earthed.  Not only does it keep me snug and warm, its soo.. soft to be in contact with and very nurturing.  I sleep with an Earthing fitted sheet underneath and the Throw on top as a top sheet which I find a very warm combination, allowing me to have all my bare legs exposed to the two (2) Earthing Products.

Winter can be a time when we are all rugged up and don’t have much skin exposed when we are in bed, however, the Earthing Throw creates a very warm energy and you may be able to go without your socks or thick PJ pants when sleeping, making good bare skin contact with the Earth.

Ways To Use Your Earthing Throw for Extra Warmth This Winter

As a Bottom Sheet

As a Top Sheet

As a Blanket While Relaxing 


  • As a bottom sheet to lay on – warm, soft and cosy to lay on and doesn’t move around too much.
  • As a top sheet – if you use a bottom Earthing sheet use the Throw on top and create a recovery bag effect, or use as a stand-alone top sheet – giving you that extra warmth from the top.  I still keep my normal cotton sheet and doona on top as well.
  • As a EXTRA WARM Recovery Bag –  One Throw on the Top and one on the Bottom – wow super warm and cosy – you may not want to get out of bed and only for the ones that really feel the cold!
  • Fantastic to use as a Baby Cot Sheet or Blanket – especially for softness and warmth in winter.
  • Sew two (2) together vertically for a double Throw when sharing with a partner – although check with partner as maybe too warm for them.
  • Also great to cuddle up with while you watch TV, read or meditate.

As many of you know I live and use Indoor Earthing Products every day and I have experimented with keeping my Throw in place when I am using it as a permanent top sheet on my bed so it doesn’t move about as much.  What I have done, and you may find useful, is to simply sew on a piece of fabric (any type) to the bottom of the Throw, making it larger than my mattress depth so that you can tuck it in at the bottom of the bed and keep it in place.   This is fabulous because it keeps my Throw all secure and  my feet stay toasty warm all night.   See my pictures below.

Fabric sewn on bottom of Throw - any fabric is fine

Tucked into mattress with fabric sewn on



And when summer arrives don't pack your Throw away in the cupboard, place in on and tuck it in to your favourite place to sit and read or watch TV and everytime you go there you will not only be relaxing but also adding all those wonderful electrons, helping to mop up those accumulated free radicals you have collected over the busy day. How good is that!

We are so spoilt now with so many fabulous Earthing Products available that there really is no reason why you can't be Earthed for many hours of the day and night!  If you would like to experience a soft warm Earthing Throw please click here 





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