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Using our Continuity Tester is an easy and simple way to test that your Earthing Products are conductive and in good working order. A green light confirms that your products are conductive. Please WATCH our video above to see how it works.

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Test Your Earthing Products With The Product Continuity Tester:

The New Earthing Continuity Tester will confirm that your Earthing products are still conductive and working properly, we recommend testing your product regularly and after cleaning.  The Product Continuity Tester will also test your Earthing cords are in good working order.


The tester is simple to use and set up. 

Make sure you have snapped on the coil cord to the tester then connect the pin end of the coil cord to your Australian Earthing Adapter Plug that is inserted into your power outlet.

Slide the switch from the OFF to the ON position. A green LED light will quickly flash on and then off in the indicator window.  This shows that your Product Tester is working.

Keep the tester ON and place it on the conductive side of your connected Earthing product. 

 A solid green light staying on indicates the products are working properly and are ready to use.

In the future, if you do not see the green light flash on and then off again when you turn on the Product Tester, please replace the batteries. See instructions by clicking here.


Add a drop of water onto your sheet or dampen your hands - this mimics the body moisture created over time when contact is made with the sheet while sleeping.

Next, firmly place the Product Tester against the wet area or place your damp hand on the sheet.  A solid green light in the indicator window shows that your product is conductive and ready to ground you.

Turn off the Product Tester when not in use. 

If the green light does not turn on, then your product or cord may not be conductive.  Please follow the steps in the brochure enclosed with your Tester or you can download the instructions by clicking here


Snap one end of the cord onto the front of the Product Tester

Plug the pin end of the cord into the side of the Product Tester

Turn the Product Tester ON.  A solid green light in the indicator window shows that your Coil Cord is working properly.

If the green light does not turn on, then your cord may not be functioning properly and may need replacing.  Please contact Customer Service for assistance. 

Please note: that the Continuity Tester does not test that there is an Earth or Ground present in the wiring.  You will need a Socket Tester to check your power outlets. 


This unit comes with:-

  • 1 x Continuity Tester 
  • 2 x AAA Batteries
  • 1 x Coil Cord
  • Instructions


Please Click Here To Download Instructions PDF




The Continuity Product Tester contains 2 x AAA batteries that will need replacing from time to time.  Please remember to flip the switch from ON position to OFF position when finished using so that the battery life remains intact.  

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12 Months Manufacturing Warranty.

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