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“Barefoot Healing is committed to bringing you an awareness and sharing life-changing information that will help you take control of your own health to be able to start healing in the most natural and simple ways, just as nature intended. “

Linda with Clint Ober, founder of Earthing, at the Earthing HQ, USA.

What began as a search for better health without medications in 2010 led Linda to see Clint Ober, founder of Earthing, talk about his new discovery and how Earthing was helping people with all sorts of complaints from looking fresher, experiencing less pain, reducing inflammation in the body to getting a deeper and better night’s sleep.  And how this discovery could be the most important factor in everyone’s health and well-being, young and old, in the 21st century.  

Clint described how he had developed products that could be used indoors to simulate the Earth’s energy and bring it inside simply and easily with no downtime to the user.

Linda, always being very connected to nature and natural healing methods, was eager to try the products and see how they worked – was it true?  Could something so simple and easy be so effective?  Family and friends thought she was a bit crazy, at the time,  when she started talking passionately about how we all need to be more connected to the earth and go barefoot more often – but that didn’t prevent her from her mission.

After trying the indoor products for a few months, Linda noticed that her chronic upper back pain was gone – no more expensive monthly massages and chiros.  She was able to completely free herself from her Asthma medications after 30 years of use, slept much deeper and felt more refreshed during the day.

Excited with this discovery Linda wanted to tell the world how good this was, how simple this was and how affordable this was!  With a lot of passion and enthusiasm, she persuaded the US head office of Earthing to let her import their product into Australia.  At the time the US Earthing products where just taking off big time and they had quite a bit on their plates to start exporting, however, due to Linda’s passion and enthusiasm for the products they decided she would be a fantastic ambassador for them and made her an official Australian distributor for their product and so Barefoot Healing was born in Australia.

Linda has met personally with Clint Ober and the Earthing team in Palm Springs, the USA in 2012 and has become part of the Earthing family.  She had a real buzz while in the USA and even ended up witnessing and participating in a TV segment on Earthing at Clint’s home. 

Linda has endeavoured to learn as much about Earthing as possible and become an expert in this area.  She has mixed with other like-minded advocates dedicated to spreading the simple message of Earthing, such as Dr Gabriel Cousins, David Wolfe and Dr Christy Westen, and co-author Martin Zucker to name a few.

Linda has been earthing herself continually since 2010 and has noticed more improvements over time such as a stronger immune system that has helped with allergies and food intolerances and has found that her body handles stress and anxiety much better.  Linda is sensitive to some electromagnetic frequencies and while this is a challenging area to overcome, she has been able to live and cope with this daily artificial intrusion.

Barefoot Healing continues to grow each year as the message reaches more and more people.  Customers are getting results, and then they get excited, just like Linda, and want to share this valuable information with all their family and friends who are suffering and have been on the medical round-a-bout for years.

Barefoot Healing strives to keep up to date with all the latest Earthing research and have the latest Earthing products from the USA available to you at the click of a button and delivered quickly and efficiently to Australian residents.

Since that time Linda is now also an accredited Integrative Health Coach and has teamed up with other beneficial health products to add to your daily routine so you get the full spectrum of what it takes to stay healthy, vibrant, increase your longevity and make your wellness journey as simple and easy as possible. 
When you need help, the barefoot team is just a local phone call away.  Linda and her team have expert knowledge on Earthing and will be the ones answering your phone calls and emails. The Barefoot Team do not just sell products, they live, work and travel with indoor Earthing Products every single day and know the amazing benefits first hand.  Our service is not outsourced and if we can't get to your call immediately please be patient and leave a message as we like to make sure all our customers are happy.

If you'd like to know more about Barefoot Healing’s Earthing Products that you cannot find on this site, please give us a call on 1300 327 844 or email us at customerservice@barefoothealing.com.au!

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David Wolfe - a great advocate of Earthing- while on tour in Australia, 2011

Dr Gabriel Cousins - another great believer in Earthing - while touring Australia in 2011

Sharing a wonderful lunch and afternoon with Martin Zucker, co-author of the Earthing book.

Dr Christy Westen - while filming a segment for Healing Quest with Clint Ober 2012