Earthing Audio Book

Sit back and enjoy listening to the 1st edition audio version of the Earthing Book by Clint Ober, Dr Stephen T. Sinatra and Martin Zucker.

Earthing an Introduction

Part One: Why We Are Unhealthy - The Missing Link

1. Electrical You and Your Electrical Planet

2. The Disconnect Syndrome

Part Two: Personal Discoveries

3. Reconnecting: Clint Ober’s Story

4. Challenges of an Amateur Scientist

5. A Cardiologist’s Discovery: Steve Sinatra’s Story

Part Three: Connecting with Science

6. The Original Anti-Inflammatory

7. Connecting the Dots

Part Four: The Earthing Chronicles

8. Earthing 101: How to Connect

9. A Dozen Years of Earthing: Clint Ober’s Observations

10. Feedback: What People Say About Earthing

11. The Heart Connection: Steve Sinatra’s Perspective

12. The Feminine Connection: Earthing and Women

13. The Sports Connection: Earthing in Action

14. The Auto Connection: Earthing on the Move

15. The Animal Connection: Earthing and Indoor Pets

16. The Future Connection: The Earthing Revolution Ahead






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