Earthing Sleep Mats - FAQ

Our new Earthing Sleep Mats have been very popular and these have been the most Frequently Asked Questions about them.

What Sizes Do They Come In?

We have two sizes and these will cover all bed sizes.

Single size is for full body coverage for a single person or can be placed at the bottom of the bed horizontally for a couple to share and due to the elasticised bands will fit all beds up to a King size, similar to our previous Half Sheet.

The Full size will offer full coverage for a Queen bed as shown in the picture, however, will also be adequate for a King size and a Double bed as again fitting is easy with the elasticised bands.


What Side Should I Have Facing Up?

The Sleep Mat only has one conductive side and that is the side that has a shiny appearance to it.  The conductive side also has a sticker on it and has no clip. The conductive side must be facing upwards directly under your standard fitted sheet.  The non-conductive side has the connection press clip to attach the earthing cord and must be facing downwards towards the mattress.


How Does It Feel To Sleep On?

This is difficult to answer because everyone is so different with their sleeping preferences, however, our two trialists found them comfortable and one saying that she didn't even really notice the Sleep Mat under her sheets.  For me personally, I do slightly feel it under my sheet, however, it is quite comfortable and I love the feeling that I'm grounded all over.  The trialist have reported that the mat actually softened even further over time.  So again a very individual experience for each person.  


Can I Use My Electric Blanket With The Sleep Mat?

While I have not tried this personally, as yet,  I have been told by that it is fine to use an electric blanket under the Earthing Sleep Mat.  For longevity I would be putting a thin blanket between my electric blanket and the Sleep Mat so it does not make direct contact with the Sleep Mat, this is not necessary but I feel it may give the Sleep Mat further wear and tear protection from the heat of the electric blanket.


How Do I Wash It?

You do not need to wash the Sleep Mat in a washing machine, however, you will need to periodically wipe it down with warm water and or mild soap.  Maybe set up some routine, say every month to give it a quick wipe down at the time you change your bedsheets.  If for some reason the Sleep Mat gets soiled and can’t be just wiped down we suggest you take it out and hang on the cloth line and gently sponge down with soapy water then hose down using a gentle mist spray and let dry in shade preferably not the strong afternoon sun.  The Sleep Mat is not to be washed. 


For prolonged life and so that the mat does not wear in areas, it is advisable to rotate every three to six months.

How Long Will It Last?

There has been no laboratory testing on the Sleep Mats, however, due to the nature of the leatherette and minimum wear and tear the Sleep Mats should be long-lasting for around 3 years plus.  Saying that it will depend on how they are treated by the end-user.


Are They As Effective As The Fitted Sheets?

Yes, they are, however, you must remember that because they are under a fitted sheet you must allow for the body to build up a slight perspiration layer on the skin which could take anywhere from 5 to 50 minutes or longer depending on the temperate, your hydration and the thickness of the sheet and or amount of clothes you may be wearing.  If you have thin sheets, say under 300 thread count and some bare skin touching your fitted sheet, from legs or arms, it may be as little as 5 minutes for your body to become grounded.  You can also test yourself with our Product Tester by touching the silver disk on the back.   If you decide to jump into bed a little bit damp from a shower your grounding will be almost instantaneous as well as if you naturally sweat when you sleep.


Will I Get Hot From Sleeping On The Sleep Mat?

This is a very individual experience for each person, depending upon what is going on in their lives, however, the Sleep Mat is hole-punched all over which allows the mat to breathe and therefore not allow heat build-up.  Personally, I and the testers have not experienced any heating up.  Just a note that sometimes Earthing itself can increase body temperature slightly due to its boosting circulation and blood flow.