The Earthing Book


Could This Be The Most Important Discover of the 21st Century?

Discover the science behind Earthing, uncover the missling link to health and learn about the extensive health benefits of Earthing with the Award-winning Earthing Book.  This book is a must have for anyone wanting to better understand the science behind Earthing and its healing powers.  This complelling book pulls together more than 15 years of documented evidence from countless Earthing trials and research by experts on Earthing and Grounding.  Due to its world-wide popularity the Earthing book is now printed in 15 languages. 


The Earthing Book is a 2011 Nautilus Award Winner - Wellness, Prevention, Health & Healing.  The Nautilus Awards recognise books that promote spiritual growth, conscious living and postive social change, while at the same time stimulates the "imagination" and offers the reader "new possiblities for a better life and a better world".


Children's Earthing Book

From The Ground Up is the world's first healing children's book about grounding! Also known as "earthing," connecting with the earth (ground) is one of the best things you can do to support your natural health and healing. This picture book illustrates for children, in full color, how Mother Earth is our ally in health and how we can use her powers to heal. There are text boxes with more detailed information for older children, and a parent reference section in the back full of more ideas for parents in supporting the health of their child. Parents can grab this book and read it outside with their child...and by the end of the book their child could be feeling more centered, happier, and healthier! A breakthrough picture book for all ages, baby through adult.

Written by physician Laura Koniver, MD, one of the expert protagonists in the motion picture "The Grounded." "The Grounded" is a movie about the extraordinary healing powers of the Earth. Dr. Koniver took the scientific and intuitive understanding about grounding, presented in the film, and translated this into an informative and enchanting picture book for children. Never before has this information been accessible to children the way it is presented in "From The Ground Up."

Read this book to your children, and discover new ways that you can both become grounded, healthy, and happy.