Vest Anti-Radiation Testing

About Vest Products and Testing

Vest is a global provider of radiation safe solutions. Founded in 2012 and based in Las Vegas, Vest’s vision is keeping consumers safe from a top potential danger of our time – electromagnetic radiation. Vest pursues this vision by providing a large variety of radiation minimizing products, built on innovative & proven technologies, easy to use, in a contemporary design. All vest products are tested and proven in certified FCC and / or NATA accredited laboratories.


Electromagnetic radiation (EM, EMR) is a form of energy released by cellular transmission. Such radiation is emitted from devices as mobile phones, Wi-Fi connections (cellular, laptop, etc.), microwave ovens and more. Another source of radiation is ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) emitted from devices like laptops (specifically from its battery). Both types of radiation are potentially dangerous to the human body, and therefore should be blocked as much as possible.


SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is used for measuring radiation emitted from mobile phones. Its distribution in a biological body is complicated and usually carried out by experimental techniques or numerical modelling. That is why we measure SAR levels with and without our relevant products in designated laboratories. SAR is measured in W/kg (Watts per kilogram) or mW/g. V/M (volt per metre) is the electric field strength measured. μW/cm is
the intensity of electromagnetic radiation per cm. Attenuation plays an important role in wireless telecommunication, limiting the range of radio signal and affected by the materials a signal must travel through (e.g. air and more).


Vest offers a wide range of products, each specializing in reducing radiation emitted from a specific device/source. This means a wide variety of technologies underlying the products, and collaborating with experts around the world in the fields of radiation testing and protecting. Vest products undergo a meticulous process of R&D to achieve successful blocking of radiation whether by diverting the radiation away from the user and/or significantly reducing it. At the end of this process, all products are tested in certified FCC (Federal Communications Commission) laboratories to ensure their safety and efficiency. See below test results showing how Vest blocks radiation using their products: