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So, if we're already earthing to take in the natural electromagnetic frequencies that our earth provides, then we are giving our body the important natural EMFs which it needs for health and wellbeing. At the same time, we're recognising that our day-to day operations increasingly rely on technologies to help us communicate, travel and create comfort in our modern lives. These artificial tecnologies run 24/7 through our homes and communities which can be exposing us to more unnatural levels of EMF/EMR than our bodies are used to.

What more can I do to balance my exposure to EMR in my environment?

Smart use of technology to further reduce the EMR in our modern lives

As future living includes widespread technology so too does the development of scientific technologies to boost our wellbeing. Shielding and EMF protection products can deflect EMF exposure to protect our bodies from acute exposure. Waveguard’s Qi Technology uses depolarisation to reduce the negative effects of EMF and benefit our bodies at a cellular level. But a first simple step when using smart technology is to create distance from the source of the EMR-emitting device. 

Firstly let’s identify some of the sources of EMR and some tips to balance your exposure

Here are some of the most common sources of EMFs and tips to reduce EMF exposure. 

Wifi: Wifi uses a number of different frequency ranges. Turn it off when you’re not using it.
Mobile phones and cordless phones: Keep them away from your body when not in use. And set it to aeroplane mode as much as you can. Use an EMF protective headset or the speakerphone when you are talking on your mobile phone.
Smart devices: Avoid using smart devices for extended periods of time.
Smart meters: They emit a low level of EMF radiation, but spike periodically. Be aware of the potential risks.
Microwave ovens: Stand away from a microwave oven a when it is in use.
Electrical wiring:  Unplug appliances when they are not in use. Sleeping near network wiring contributes to your overall EMF exposure 
Cars: Electric cars and other modern cars contain a lot of electrical wiring and bluetooth technology. Choose a car with a lower EMF emission rating.
Your neighbourhood: If you live close to cell towers, they may also effect EMFs in the home. Unfortunately this is one that we don't have the off switch for.

By including these tips, you can reduce your exposure to EMFs to protect your health. Furthermore these can help the effectiveness of the Waveguard technology, surrounding you and your family 24/7 with a more natural level of EMF and helping our body to function naturally, in a more natural state of wellbeing.

What is Waveguard and Qi Technology? 

Waveguard Qi-Shield, Qi-Home Cell, and Qi-Max are innovative products in the Barefoot Healing range of EMF Protection. Designed to protect us and our families from electromagnetic radiation (EMF), this revolutionary new natural technology has been developed and made in Germany by Waveguard. Waveguard helps us to mitigate the effects of the EMFs in our environment and the wireless devices in our home, office and even on the road.

Can I continue to use the services I need when Waveguard is nearby?

Waveguard’s Qi devices are tech friendly and do not interfere with devices or network services. This means that you can continue using your phone, laptop, Wi-Fi router etc. as normal, all whilst using the Qi devices.

How does Waveguard Qi technology work?

Waveguard Qi technology can be placed in the centre of a room or home to protect the entire area from EMF radiation. Qi technology depolarises EMFs from mobile phones and networks, laptops, or other electronic devices, to reduce the amount of EMF exposure that our bodies are affected by every day. The conductive fluid inside is structured to deflect and absorb concentrated EMF radiation, reducing the intensity of non-thermal radiation in our environment.

What is the depolarisation?

The University of Athens discovered that radiation can be depolarised by interacting with liquids. This principle has been applied and developed further to create Waveguard. As the artificial radiation or radio wave passes through, interacting with the specially developed fluid, called Qi liquid, it is depolarised – some absorbed and some dispursed to the wider surrounds – meaning one's exposure becomes less where they stand and the EMF levels are closer to more natural levels, compared to the direct acute exposure our daily devices and networks expose us to. The waves are being spread out to wider area, distributing the exposure from one single spot to a larger area.

As a result of depolarisation, the field strength of the electromagnetic field within the range of our electromagnetic devices decreases. This decreases one's exposure to a more general exposure like that of the natural EMFs which our bodies are used to and are capable of managing, as our ancestors have been exposed to the natural levels of EMFs for thousands of years.

Studies show that depolarised radiation is more natural again, and what is left is less harmful for biological organisms.Waveguard offers a natural and smart home solution to protect us from the radiation from electromagnetic devices, wifi and 5G in todays busy homes and lives.

Who is using Waveguard? What are they saying?

See the reviews from those who have used Waveguard products and how they have experienced improvements in reducing the EMFs around them. The calming of their tech-busy environments with 5G, Wifi and Bluetooth, has balanced their health. Benefits such as reduced stress and inflammation, better sleep, and less headaches, these day-to-day symptoms have been addressed, particularly in those who are electromagnetically sensitive.

Bio-Hackers were at the forefront of adopting EMF protection and, now as well as the many health conscious users of Waveguard, they speak highly of the benefits to personal and family household wellbeing. See interview with bio-hacker ”CJ” Malhotra at the Bio-Hacker Summit in 2023 where he talks about Waveguard and other health measures he takes.

Along with a healthy diet and exercise here are some of the benefits of reducing EMFs in your surrounds

• Relaxation and better sleep

• Less exposure for energy and vitality on the go

• Focus and performance in the workplace

• Reduced inflamation with un-hindered healing and cellular communications

Another notable benefit is the positive effect it has on the water. A water study, found that just by placing water near the Qi device, the water has a pronounced antioxidant effect. This appears to be through the restoration of the hexagonal water structure which the device seems to restore.

Tests and Studies

Expert studies have investigated the effectiveness of Waveguard Qi devices, including from the BION and Dartsch Institutes. Please see our Waveguard Studies page for full details.

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