The Importance of Staying Grounded In These Trying Times

Staying grounded in these trying times of highly contagious viruses is so important as Earthing has been shown to help boost your Immune System. See our 7 other tips to help boost your immune system easily.

The Importance Of Staying Grounded in These Trying Times & Our 7 Tips To Help Boost Your Immune System

I would just like to remind you that Earthing is a very reliable, simple and powerful way to support and boost your health, including the immune system in these worrying times of the Covid viruses.   It looks like Covid is here to stay in many forms and eventually we will all have to live with it as lockdowns cannot continue forever.  Even with the vaccine, you can still catch the virus, so the best way to cope with Covid is to have a healthy immune system and good health and I really don’t know why we aren’t seeing ads on TV about this as well.

As you probably know Earthing is as simple as walking or sitting barefoot on the ground, however, in these trying times we need to be grounding as much as we can to stay in a well-balanced healthy state and there is no easier method than our new Sleep Mattress Covers and Sleep Mats.  And by adding our Universal Earthing Mats while working or relaxing you are adding another few hours onto your total hours of grounding – the more the better.  If you are already unwell, you need to ground your body as much as you can in a 24- hour period. 

So many systems in the body are brought towards balance, resulting in support of the whole body.  (See diagram below).

Benefits of Earthing On The Body


7 Other Tips To Boost Your Immune System 

  1. Get Plenty of Sleep – again Earthing has been shown to give you a better night’s sleep, deeper and more restorative and so easy with our sleep mats.
  2. Inflammation – Earthing has been shown to dramatically reduce inflammation in the body and when the fire is put out, the body can get on with healing and repairing, every night as it is meant to.
  3. Minimise Stress – Earthing regulates cortisol levels which will help reduce stress and adrenal fatigue.
  4. Hydrate – Stay well hydrated every day.  If you don’t enjoy the taste of water, you would be wise to investigate our range of ProOne Water Filters that take out over 200 contaminants and you’ll be happy to stay hydrated.
  5. Exercise – Take a walk outside in the fresh air and sunshine and we now have the very latest Earthing Joggers and Walkers so that you’ll never miss a moment of grounding while outside, with your shoes on!
  6. Eat a well-balanced diet as close to nature as possible – skip the sugars and processed foods and you may even lose a few kilos without even trying.
  7. Supplements – Supplements are a bit like an insurance policy, you take them just in case as it is impossible to know how many minerals and vitamins are in our food today.  If you are going to supplement, make sure you choose a good quality brand and we have a great mineral/vitamin powder that you can mix with your water and cover all the bases.

So, the bottom line is here, make sure you are Earthing as much as possible as it what our body is meant to do, just as it needs sunshine, water and air.

If you need any help choosing  Earthing products or our other wellness products, please give contact me.

The best way to live life is grounded – stay well.



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