Erthe Straps - Ground Your Everyday Shoes

Turn your everyday shoes, like your joggers, sneakers, work shoes and even school shoes into GROUNDED SHOES. Simply attach an adhesive strap to your shoe and you're ready to go! Wearing Grounding Shoes allows you to maintain good health and well-being.


Erthe Strap


Rubber soles on your joggers, school shoes, work shoes and everyday shoes block the flow of electricity dissipating from your body to the ground as well as prevent the movement of healing electrons from the earth to electrically balance your body which has been shown to reduce inflammation and speed the healing process. The wearing of shoes is part of our everyday lives in these modern times and most of us only get to experience being barefoot on the earth when on beach holidays and or for short periods of time in the summer months.  But now you can turn your favourite shoes into GROUNDING SHOES by simply attaching an Erthe Strap to your shoe!  Click here to find out more....

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