Dr Mercola' Uses Earthing

It’s always great to see a prominent Health Professional, such as Dr Joseph Mercola, recommending Earthing.  Dr Mercola has made a very interesting video “A Day in the Life of Dr Mercola” where he highly recommends walking barefoot to get your daily amount of Earthing, at the beach if possible, and to see him barefoot in his garden is a lesson we can all learn from.  However, although he doesn’t talk about the benefits of indoor Earthing in this video, I got a buzz to see him using our Earthing Mat on his Stand Board while working in his home office.

Dr Mercola using our Earthing Mat while        working in his office!


So if you haven’t got one of our amazing Earthing Universal Mats at your computer – take the lead from Dr Mercola and get grounded and stay healthier while working at your computer, TV or electronics.  

Here at Barefoot Healing we love the Earthing Universal Mats as it’s just like bringing you own little patch of the garden or beach right indoors to use when it suits you.

And remember when you buy one or more of our Earthing Mats you will automatically receive a savings discount.  What a great gift for your computer savvy dad this Father’s Day!

If you want to watch Dr Mercola’s whole video, which I recommend you do, just click on the picture below.


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