Could Earthing Be The World's Simplest Jet Lag Cure?

One of the most effective cures for jet lag might be as simple as going outside and kicking off your shoes and finding a patch of earth. Find out what you can do to help eliminate jet lag.

At our recent Mind Body Spirit Festival I spoke to many lucky people who will taking off overseas to escape the chilly winter months here in Australia and many asked me what to do about taking their earthing sheets with them and how to tackle jet lag.  I have covered a few stories on jetlag previously, however, after reading an interesting blog from a Travel Post,  thought I would cover this  topic again.  But first read the article to get a general understanding of how Earthing may be a cure for jet lag.

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"One of the most effective cures for jet lag might be as simple as going outside and kicking off your shoes and finding a patch of earth."

Through my own personal experiences I have found that if you want to eliminate or reduce jet lag the best thing to do is earth/ground yourself as soon as possible after landing and flying through multiple time zones.  Try to find a patch of lawn or soil to walk or stand barefoot on for at least 30 minutes, find the nearest beach and walk on the wet sand or take a dip in the ocean or a lake.  If this is not practical take an Earthing mat, sheet or band and connect while in your hotel room as soon as possible for just 30 minutes, then sleep grounded at the regular bed time for the country you are in.  You need to do whatever works for you wherever you are, however, make sure you get grounded somehow and your trip will certainly be much more pleasant without wasting any time drowsy and sleeping.

One of my trips of flying for 15 hours and being up for around 24hours hit me pretty bad so on driving to our final destination we had to stop so that I could have a coffee and right there was this big shady palm tree growing in a nice 3x3 metre patch of lawn. When I spotted it I knew this was the right place to stop and kicked off my boots and just stood there talking with my husband for 30 minutes, enjoying our coffee – yes we got some strange looks but it gave us the energy to get back in the car and drive for a good couple of hours.  We then slept on our Earthing Sheet and were up at 7am the next morning, excited and full of beans to check out the city we were staying in.

By the way if you are taking your Earthing Sheets or Mats overseas you will need to use either an Earthed – 3 pins Travel Adapter plug or get one of our dedicated Overseas Earthing adapter plugs– please click here to see our range on our website.  You will also be able to find a link to what plugs are used in different countries.  I have also written a previous blog on how to reduce static electrical charges on your body while flying – please click here to read as I will cover this again another time.

The Earthing Institute’s theory on Earthing and jet lag is:

At any point on the planet, the Earth’s surface electric potential (level) fluctuates according to the position of the sun and moon, creating such cycles as the circadian cycle.  Grounding yourself after a long flight basically resets your inner clockwork to “local time” on the ground, and thus helps to reduce the jet lag.


Over the years The Earthing Institute has also collected some interesting feedback on jet lag which you can read below.

  • “I came off a long-haul flight feeling dreadful. My body was telling me to sit on the Earth, so when I reached my destination I sat on the lawn of my friend’s garden.  I can hardly describe the relief I experienced. So healing.”

  •  “I fly to the UK from South Africa every second year to visit my daughter. It can be really tiring and the jet lag does so get to one. I just take off my shoes and dig my toes into the lovely green lawn once home and I can feel all the stress and jet lag leaving my body. It is almost as if Mother Earth absorbs the tiredness and stress. The more I do this over the next few days the quicker the tiredness leaves my body.”

  • “Going from California to France, we slept grounded for 90 minutes upon arrival.  No jet lag at all, and usually I suffer with it for 2 weeks.”

  •  “I've flown to and from China every year for five years. Every time I came back to the States it would take me 2-3 weeks to get completely over jet lag and then it would take me 1-2 weeks to get over it when I returned to China. The time difference is 12-13 hours. I'm a pretty erratic sleeper in the first place so the jet lag was always tough for me. Somebody told me about sleeping grounded.  Skeptical, I tried the mat. Surprisingly, I was over jet lag within three days. I couldn't believe it!”

  • “I am a motivational speaker and travel around the world for my work.  When I arrive at foreign destinations and check into my hotel, I walk barefoot on grass wherever I can find it.  Sometimes it is right in front of the hotel or in the courtyard.  I do 20 minutes, and sometimes people will come up to me and ask what I am doing.  I attempt to tell them about grounding and jet lag, and they look at me as if I am crazy.  I also sleep grounded.  This works for me better than all the treatments, remedies, and gadgets I have tried previously to counteract jet lag.”


The main point of this story is if you are travelling overseas get grounded in whatever way you can to have the best time ever!

I would love to hear back from you if you have your own jet lag story. 

Happy Travelling!



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