Earth Hour

Tomorrow night is Earth Hour (8.30 to 9.30pm) and as we get a lot of FREE beneficial energy from mother earth when using our Earthing Products or walking barefoot outside, it seems only fair we give our beautiful Earth a little rest for an hour and just like Earthing it’s relatively easy and simple to turn off for just 1 hour. 

But why not go one further and turn off all your appliances like your TV, Computers and even challenge yourself not to go on your Phone, Facebook, Instagram, etc., either so that you can experience how we used to live on this planet - without electronics!

Switch off from 8.30 to 9.30 Saturday 19th March

So go ahead get out all those beautiful candles you got for presents over the years and light them up and put them to good use – it’s fun and you may just see things in a different light.


Some fun things to do:

  • Grab and blanket and go lay on the grass and just stare up at the stars – wine and candles optional  
  • Get dinner ready early and have a candle-lit “romantic” dinner or picnic
  • Go for a walk around your neighbourhood – does it look different when walking at night and have a peek at your neighbours to see if they have switched off!
  • Make a campfire or use a fire pit and toast some mashmellows while telling some old time stories
  • Get the guitar out and sing some great singalong surrounded by candles
  • Play board games, yes those games you have to all interact with under the glow of softly lit with candles
  • Write a letter, to an older person, with the flickering of the candle light and feel all nostalgic -they will love to receive it
  • Go Camping in the backyard - the kids will love you for it
  • Good time to check out what torches work and don’t work
  • Check out your local council as some are having community gatherings
  • Or just sit and mediate
  • Whatever you decide, your small contribution will make a big impact on the planet.

PS:  I think I’ll go for the Candle-lit dinner accompanied by red wine, of course, on our back patio, gazing out to the earth and heavens above.  Oh! And if my new Master Chef recipe doesn’t quite look like it does on TV, it will be too dark to see!

Enjoy your night whatever you decide to do.


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