Earthing The New Weight Loss Diet

Could Earthing be the next new weight loss diet? Find out how Earthing is beneficial when it comes to losing and keeping those kilos off.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been lucky enough to attend a few health seminars presented by Doctors and Wellness Professionals and the two common biggest things that keep coming up in every talk that we need to address is improving the quality of your sleep and minimizing inflammation which is pivotal to good health.   Now as well as being an Earthing specialists I am also a health coach and weight loss, especially in women is a challenging subject, however, apart from eating a good balanced diet – if you have inflammation and or are not getting a good night’s sleep it doesn’t matter how little you eat or what you eat,  as the side effects of bad sleep and inflammation will keep you fat as it’s all related to cortisol and adrenalin – the stress hormones.


This is where I can’t praise Earthing enough as one of the major and scientifically proven benefits that Earthing does is knock down inflammation as well as promote deeper sleep and help keep our stress hormones balanced.  Essential things for better health and for weight loss.  Earthing can be done all FREE OF CHARGE if you have the time and access to a piece of ground or the beach close by but how easy is it to set up an Earthing Sleep Mat or Earthing Universal Mat and connect with healing electrons every day without effort- there is really no excuse to get a daily dose of Earthing every day to knock down that inflammation and keep cortisol and adrenalin balanced and help the body have a deep and restorative sleep.

You may wonder how poor sleep can lead to weight gain or the frustration of not being able to lose weight even though you are following a diet. The importance of sleep cannot be overlooked or underestimated as having poor sleep can lead to an increased desire for poor food choices which will then compromise your gut health and this leads to increased inflammation which then threatens immunity and disrupts hormones which then lead to fat storage -in a simple format.

So if you are having weight issues and it’s causing you to stress because you are eating good foods – try to incorporate Earthing into your daily routine, whether that be by walking barefoot or using an Indoor Earthing Product such as sleeping grounded with our Grounded Sleep Mats or relaxing/working grounded with our Grounded Universal Mat.  Knockdown that inflammation and get a good night’s sleep, keep the stress hormones happy and keep the kilo’s at bay.  Of course, plenty of filtered water, food as close to nature and some exercise also have to be part of the equation.

Try Earthing for weight loss for at least three months, but do it every day and sleep grounded if possible.  Keep a record and see if it makes a difference for you.

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