How Earthing Protects The Massage Therapist


Massage Therapists and bodyworkers can experience a lot of pain and inflammation which seems to come with the occupation, however, did you know that using an Earthing Mat, Earthing Bands, Patches or an Earthing Yoga Mat on the massage table under or connected to the client will ground them and at the same time allow the therapist to uptake valuable electrons, helping reduce painful inflammation. 

 Martin Zucker, Co-Author of the Earthing Book has written an interesting article in DERMASCOPE, The Encylopedia of Aesthetics and Spa Therapy, explaining How Earthing Protects the Massage Therapist.

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Helpful Products To Use On A Massage Table

The Universal Mat

The Earthing Mat can be placed under a light sheet on the massage table.  The mat should be placed where the client will be laying with bareskin on the covering sheet.

Earthing Bands & Patches

The Body Bands can be connected to the clients foot, ankle or wrist which will ground them directly.  The disposalbe patch can be placed on the K1 point of the sole of the foot or any other convenient location.


Earthing Yoga Mat

The Yoga Mat can be placed under a light sheet on the table and will take up the whole length of the massage table.

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