Our New Silver Earthing "Beauty" Pillow Cases

The “Earthing Facelift” is finally here!

It’s the Earthing product we’ve all been waiting for – the Grounded Beauty Silver Pillowcase.

Imagine going to sleep every night on a Silver pillowcase, designed specifically to help give you a “facelift”. With the Grounded Beauty Silver Pillowcase you will wake up feeling revitalised. You will sleep better, feel better and look better – how good is that!

It’s true. The creators of Earthing Products have designed the ultimate Beauty Pillow and now it’s about to launch here in Australia – so be the first to experience this revolution in beauty sleep.

The Grounded Beauty Silver Pillow can do what no other pillow on the planet can – it reconnects you to the Earth’s gentle, natural, restorative energy while you sleep. The pillowcase size is 50.8cm x 76.20 cm (fits standard pillows) and made from 99.9% pure silver. Both sides of the pillow are conductive too, giving you the benefits of Grounding and silver together.

I don’t know about you, but I really want to experience the benefits of this amazing product – according to its creators it helps minimise wrinkles, increases your metabolism and you’ll wake up feeling younger and rested. Yes please!

If you already own other Earthing products, you will know how much we emphasise the benefits of connecting to the Earth’s massive reservoir of energy. You may also have read that poor circulation of our cells is a primary cause of inflammation and advanced ageing.

The unique properties of silver provide the most effective way to connect your body to the earth’s healing energy and the Grounded Beauty Silver Pillowcase is made with silver threads that are 99.9% pure silver. So when you lay your head on it each night, your circulation will normalise as your body restores itself through Grounding.


Grounding Improves Facial Blood Flow

A 2014, study published in the online Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications, has demonstrated, for the first time, an improvement in facial blood flow, one of the likely ways that Earthing can potentially − and quickly − improve how you look.


In the study, electrophysiologist Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D., of the Developmental and Cell Biology Department at the University of California at Irvine, and the director of the Earthing Institute, used a double-blind model with forty subjects to determine if Earthing can improve facial circulation within one hour. He used both sophisticated Laser Speckle Contrast imaging and Thermal Imaging to document changes in circulation.

Both techniques showed a clear improvement in facial blood flow regulation from grounding. No such result was found among the non-grounded participants. Participants were individually tested over the period of an hour while sitting in a comfortable recliner chair. The chair was fitted with a grounding mat and pillow. Grounding patches were also placed on both palms and soles of the feet. The Earthing wires used to connect the participants were randomly assigned to either allow or disallow conduction of the Earth’s energy. So individuals were either actually grounded (27) or sham grounded (13).

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By simply laying your head on the pillow you will be Earthed, launching the journey towards deeper sleep, better circulation, and other restorative, anti-aging benefits – this is the true meaning of Beauty Sleep!

Get Connected today and Look younger, healthier and more vibrant while you sleep on our new Earthing Beauty Silver Pillowcase! 

Beauty has never been easier!

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