Our Pets Need Earthing Too!

76% of dogs and 92% of cats are kept exclusively or partially indoors and they will suffer they same diseases as humans if not getting regular Earthing.

There aren’t  too many people who don’t love pets and dogs and cats are a favourite for many families.  Due to our busy lifestyles and the high cost of housing these days our backyards are getting smaller and apartment living has become popular but we still want to have the love that pets can give us, however, this can sometimes mean they may spend more time indoors or even no time outdoors these days.   Did you know that our pets can suffer the same illnesses as humans if they do not make regular contact with the Earth. Your beloved pets need Earthing too!

Many years before I knew about Earthing I had a beautiful little doggy called “Gizmo”, he was a real character and was loved dearly, however, one day he got ill, so I would try and treat him like a “human” and would want him inside all nice and warm, on a soft rug where I could keep an eye on him.  Sometimes he would go missing and I had to search the backyard looking for him and I would find him in an isolated area where he had dug a hole and was laying in it, no matter what the condition of the weather.  In my ignorance I would pick him up and bring him inside so that I could look after him better – I thought I was being caring.  He intuitively knew that he had to get in the earth to heal himself – amazing!  If only I had known what I know today I would have actually dug the hole deeper and made him comfortable in that spot and let him stay there for as long as he wanted. It upsets me to think that I could have contributed to his suffering in my unknowing of Earthing.  

This is why the awareness of Earthing is so important – it can help our furry friends as well as us.

I was talking to a colleague the other day who dearly loves her dog but he is getting on in years and she was telling me how he spends most of his time indoors as he is too stiff to go outside and has had a few operations.  I suggested she try and get him out daily to lay on the earth, and get about 60 minutes of Earthing each day, however, she told me her backyard wasn’t really suitable and as she had a corporate job she was often home late and didn’t have the time to do this as she would probably have to carry the dog out for him to lay outside.  So it was just easy for her to treat him like a human and have him all tucked up, comfortable and cosy inside. Is this story sounding familiar?

I love animals too, they are part of our family, so we need to give them what they intuitively need to stay well and that is being able to be connected back to the Earth. Simple but not always so easy – just like us humans. But grounding your pet everyday can be very simple and easy to do, no matter what the health, age or accommodation of your dog or cat – if they cannot get outside on a regular basis then you need to get them one of our Earthing Universal Mats for them to lay on.  We now have a NEW LARGER UNIVERSAL MAT and being just that extra bit bigger makes it ideal to put under a sheet or light blanket for even the largest dog to lay on when inside. 

Most dogs and cats seem to gravitate towards the mat and will just plonk themselves on it as if they “know”.  And I can certainly reinforce this as I was babysitting my son’s beautiful large Mastiff who thinks she is a small Terrier, and of course I let her inside and she gets spoiled, however, I have an Earthing Throw on my lounge chair and when I came back in my lounge room she had somehow pulled in off and was laying on it with this contented look on her face!  The cheek of her – That’s MY blankey!  But this goes to show – why did she do that?  She must have sensed this was better for her than just the carpet.

I really think the Universal Mats are a good choice as they are made with carbonised leatherette and can go underneath a light sheet or blanket if you want to make the pets area cosier and still allow the electrons to flow through to the animal. The Earthing Mats are also easily cleaned down with just warm water. 

Over the years of talking to many of my customers, it’s clear we will do anything for our pets as I have even had a customer get one of our previous soft Earthing Cotton Plush Pads for her geriatric guinea pig who was part of their family.  And below are a few comments from other pet lovers who use Earthing Products with their pets in different situations.


I am a Bowen therapist for pets, and often after working on dogs and cats they need to rest and allow time to heal there injury, I have found putting them on this (Earthing Mat) while I am working helps to shorten the time the injury take to heal.



I gave one as a gift, (Plush Pad) but is a little small for a large dog. This beautiful furkid is unwell , so I was hoping it would help. After reading the book I became a little scared for him to use it as he was having trouble with his bloods and the vet cannot find what is wrong with him, and the book had a section about not advising to use it in such a case?. I don't know if I am just a little confused about this though? However my own little furkid uses it every day, and as he does Dog Agility, I have noticed a faster recovery after competition, which is awesome.

There is also a great chapter (15) in the Earthing Book about the animal connection which is worth a read.  You can also listen to that chapter on our audio files by Clicking Here.

So if you your dog is one of the 76% or cat 92% that are kept exclusively or partially indoors be kind to them and let them be able to get their daily grounding with an Earthing Mat – they’ll love you even more for it and you can feel happy that you know you’re doing the best you can for them as well.

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