Ways To Be Earthed Better In Winter

With the colder weather usually comes lots more clothes and we have a few tips for you on how to get the best out of your Earthing Products and to make sure you are still up taking all those valuable electrons to keep your immune system strong and well.

Better Earthing In Winter

With the colder weather, we have been getting a few questions about our Earthing Products and how they should be used due to extra layers of clothes and thicker sheets.  So I have put together our top tips to help you get the very best from your Earthing Products this winter. 

Q:  Can I use flannelette sheets over my Earthing Sleep Mat or Mattress Cover?

A:  I have done many tests on this with our Earthing Product Continuity Tester and have found that it takes quite a while for the electrons to flow through - up to an hour depending upon the thickness of the flannelette sheet and this is with bare skin touching the flannelette sheet.  My suggestions for this are:-

  • Replace your bottom flannelette sheet with a light cotton or bamboo sheet.  Keep the top flannelette sheet and pillowcases which will still give you that cosy warm feeling.  
  • If you have an older, thinner flannelette sheet this may be OK and the only way to test would be to test yourself when in bed for around 10 minutes with our Earthing Product Continuity Tester.  
  • If you still want to use your flannelette bottom fitted sheet, I suggest that you wear minimal clothing or at least wear a warm PJ top and boxer shorts so that you have a considerable amount of bare skin on the sheet. 
  • You can also wear any of our silver grounding socks as the silver will be quick to uptake the electrons and pass them through to you and they come with an added bonus of keeping your feet cosy and warm.

Q:  Can I use an electric blanket with my Earthing Sleep Mat or Mattress Cover?

A:  You can use an electric blanket under your Sleep Mat and Mattress Cover it will not damage it,  however, it is recommended only to use it to heat your bed and then turn it off while sleeping.  Sleeping with an electric blanket on will dehydrate you and may leave you feeling lethargic. 

Q:  Can I wear PJs while sleeping on my Earthing Sleep Mat or Mattress Cover?

A:  There are two answers to this question, depending on how you are using your Sleep Mat or Mattress Cover.

  • If you are sleeping directly on the Earthing Sleep Mat or Mattress Cover it is fine to wear thin to moderate thickness PJs and cotton is always best.  As you are laying directly on the mat the electrons will flow through your clothing.
  • If you have your Earthing Sleep Mat or Mattress Cover covered with a cotton sheet then it is advisable to have some skin touching your fitted sheet such as feet, legs, hands, back, etc.  As mentioned above you can still stay warm with a thick PJ top on but with most of your bare legs making contact with the sheet.  

I have found in winter that upgrading my doona to a thicker wool blend and heating my bed up before I get in will keep me toastie warm all night.

Q:  Is it Ok to use a hot water bottle and what happens if it leaks?

A:  It is Ok to use a hot water bottle with your Earthing Sleep Mat or Mattress Cover the heat will not damage the fabric, however, if the bottle leaks wipe dry with a towel and let it air dry before covering it with a clean sheet.

Q:  Can I wear socks with my Earthing Universal Mat?

A:  Yes, you can wear light cotton socks or stockings with your Earthing Universal Mat, however, thick nylon or woollen socks may be a barrier for the electrons to flow through.  Wearing cotton socks may take a few minutes for a slight perspiration layer to build up and allow the electrons to flow through but it will happen.  For instant electron flow, why not try our range of warm grounded silver-infused socks to keep your feet grounded, and cosy and eliminate any "smelly feet" issues. 

Q:  I want to Earth outside on the grass but my feet are cold, what can I do?

A:  As mentioned above our silver-infused socks will keep your feet warm and still allow electrons to flow through instantly while being barefoot on the grass or sand.

Q:  What socks should I wear with my new Grounding Joggers?

A:  Light cotton socks will allow the electrons to flow through to your feet, however, it may take several minutes while the foot is building up a slight perspiration layer. However, if you wear our new silver-infused grounding socks with your new grounding shoes the earth connection should be immediate. 




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