New Grounding Shoes - Part 1

By Linda on 23 August 2014 (No comments - click here to comment)

Modern Day Shoes:

It may seem hard to believe but the wearing of the standard, everyday shoe could, in fact, be contributing to us suffering from many modern day illnesses.

The majority of everyday shoes have thick rubber or synthetic soles and this puts a layer between us and the Earth’s healing energy.   We have become disconnected from a valuable source of electrons entering the body, which has been shown by recent research, to help maintain and restore the equilibrium of the body so it can heal and repair how it is meant to.  If our body is not kept in this balanced state, studies suggest, that this could fuel the fire of inflammation in the body and it is now recognised by most medical professions that inflammation is the root cause of most modern diseases such as allergies, arthritis, asthma, autism, cancer, common intestinal disorders, diabetics, fibromyalgia, heart disease, Lupus, MS and PAIN!  Just to name a few.   So many people today seem to effected by one or more of these illnesses and then this can lead to other problems such as poor sleep, no energy, depression, anxiety, and a body filled with chemical concoctions.

Everyday Shoes Putting a Barrrier Between Us and the Earth's Healing Energy

More Opportunity to Be Earthed:

Now, how beneficial would it be to be able to protect your feet and wear comfortable, stylish shoes and still reap the grounding benefits of walking barefoot on the Earth!

By wearing unique Grounding/Earthing Shoes you may be able to maintain a grounded state for a longer period of time.

And the fantastic news is this opens up so many more grounding hours for people who couldn’t be grounded for long periods of time during the day due to their situation.

Being grounded throughout the day and night will become part of your everyday existence – naturally and simply.

Here at Barefoot Healing we love being outside when ever we can, however, in reality this is only usually on holidays and small amounts of time in the warmer months.  So we use and test all the indoor conductive products every day and every night and what I have learnt and experienced for myself and seen in others, over this time, is that the more we are connected to the Earth the better our immune health and general well-being seems to be.  Maybe this could be because today we are surrounded by so much artificial energy like electronic devices, wi-fi and mobile phones which are producing this huge positive charge on our body which needs to be balanced by a negative charge… and this negative charge can be abundantly supplied by the Earth! 

So by adding a range of everyday wear Grounded Footwear to get more hours of Earthing in, certainly seems beneficial to us, especially when we can easily combine this we our very popular Indoor Universal Conductive Earthing Mat. 

Our Concerns:

Supplying Shoes on-line can be a tricky business as even though there are standard sizes some people have wide or narrow feet, some have high insteps, some have bunions, sizing charts all seem to differ, just to name a few so it hasn’t been an easy decision for us to consider bringing Grounding shoes to Australia and that is why we asked for your comments and whether you actually wanted them or not.

Collective Comments from our Earthers:

We got a very good response back from most of our Earthing community and most say they would love to be able to wear Grounding Shoes, however, the following are their major concerns and probably yours too: -

We are still in the process of working out the final details to bring you the best system and will cover this further in our next update, along with answers to all the other questions that were submitted.

In Our Next Update.

In our next update, and hopefully we can bring this to you on video, we will be showing and discussing:-

Your Comments:

If you would like to leave any comments for further discussion in our next update please do so on this page or on our face book page.

Thank you, this is Linda signing off from Barefoot Healing, Earthing Specialists for Australia and until next time…. Stay connected to an energy like no other and feel the difference!







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