Three Items I Couldn't Travel Without

When travelling overseas, the time zones, air quality, pollution, sanitation, etc., can make a big difference in whether you have an enjoyable holiday or one you would rather forget. Three products I always travel with that help me stay well and vibrant

Recently I was lucky enough to travel to China on a family holiday, however, before we went I had heard that air pollution is pretty bad. This had me a little concerned due to my history of Asthma and allergies, even though I have not suffered from Asthma since I started Earthing around nine years ago.

I always take an Earthing Product with me, such as my Earthing Half Sheet, Throw or an Earthing Universal Mat so that I can sleep grounded and eliminate jet lag, however, this time I thought I may need a little bit more protection from the smog.  

1. The Elanra Air Pendant

I have been using Elanra Air Ioniser Products for over 20 years now and love them as they help clean the air and generate small negative ions of oxygen that can be inhaled.   I have all the products including the travel Air Pendant which I decided would be a good item to take. Well, I wasn’t wrong as I wore it the whole trip and it really helped my lungs cope with the unbelievably bad air, in fact, we didn’t see any blue sky due to the smog for 8 days.  I even had it on while climbing The  Great Wall of China.

The Elanra Air Pendant also helped protect me from a cold that virtually affected everyone on our coach early on in the trip. I didn’t suffer any tightness in my chest or develop a cough and my health was excellent the whole trip. 

Elanra Air Pendants

The Air Pendant is also excellent to wear while travelling in a plane as you can set it for sleep mode, waking hours and then ready to leave the craft to give you a boost of energy as well as protect you from the air quality you are breathing in from such a closed and congested environment. I did get a lot of enquiries, including from the Chinese guides as to what was around my neck and when I told them what it did they all wanted one, as many, go around with nose and mouth masks on all day. 


2.  The Earthing Half Sheet

For my sleeping, jet lag and energy I took my Earthing Half Sheet The Half Sheet is very easy to pack and place horizontally on the fitted sheet of your hotel bed, tuck in the sides and plug in with the correct connections, in my case China uses the same electrical system like Australia – so very easy. 

Every morning my husband and I were up and ready to explore as we had a good night’s sleep, however, I could not say that about our fellow travellers as many complained of not being able to fall asleep easily and still on Australian Time. 

I did mention Earthing to a few fellow travellers, however, due to time restrictions and finding a suitable natural grassy area made this difficult, but not for me because I could sleep grounded every night and recover with my Half Sheet.

Earthing Half Sheet


3.  The Stellarcleenze Silver Cloth

Another great addition was taking a couple of the Silver Stellarcleenz Anti-Bacterial Cloths as it naturally and safely kills 99% of harmful germs, fungi and viruses.  I had one attached to my handbag and one on our backpack. I always find them invaluable when travelling on planes and wipe down the trays, the touch screens, controls and wipe my hands just before I eat as inevitably you will always touch the food with your hands. It was so easy to wipe my hands on the Stellarcleenz just before I ate at any food stands or restaurants as well as when visiting the restrooms. 

Many of our fellow travellers were constantly applying chemical laden gels and wipes drying out their hands and then those chemicals could end up on their foods and in their mouths. Yuk! 


So if you are travelling abroad or even in Australia these three items are definitely handy, valuable and health-boosting things to consider taking so that you can enjoy every minute of your valuable holiday time.  

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