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The new Earthing Yoga mat is well cushioned and has a top layer of hydrophilic polyurethane designed to absorb sweat.

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Earthing® Yoga Mat

The new Earthing Yoga mat is well cushioned and has a top layer of hydrophilic polyurethane designed to absorb sweat.The smooth black side with the foot icon is the conductive side that should be face up and in contact with your bare feet during use.

How It Works

Earthing has been shown to significantly reduce the degree and duration of soreness and inflammation after intense exercise.  Practising yoga or other activities while grounded has incredible benefits.

  • Less muscle damage
  • Reduced inflammation and pain
  • Reduced exercise-induced blood thickness
  • Quicker recovery time


 Yoga Mat 3.5mm x 66cm wide x 180cm long

  • The Earthing Yoga Mat is a densely cushioned mat that has conductive hydrophilic polyurethane on the top layer that absorbs sweat.
  • Fully conductive on the top when used indoors with the magnetic snap coil cord and adapter plug, or outdoors with a grounding rod and lead.
  • Easy to clean

Care Instructions

  • Roll and store out of the elements. Do not fold.
  • The best way to break in your mat is to practise on it.
  • Easily wiped clean of sweat and debris. After use, wipe the mat down with a damp cloth and store it out of direct sunlight. A gentle, natural cleanser may be used when a deeper cleaning is necessary. Chemicals and heavy cleansers may cause damage and are not recommended.
  • Air dry. Ensure the Yoga Mat is dry before rolling it up.
  • Wait one hour after applying lotions, creams, and body oils to use mat as these can oxidize and damage conductivity.


Yoga Mat

Quick Release Magnetic Snap Cord

Australian Adapter Plug





Earthing Yoga Mat 3.5mm thick, 66cm wide x 180cm long


  • TOP layer is polyurethane (PU) infused with conductive carbon.
  • PU: This smooth surface is vinyl-free and phthalate-free and helps absorb sweat.
  • Carbon: Carbon is the 2nd most abundant element in the human body, after oxygen, and is what conducts the earth's electrons. It also makes this Yoga Mat naturally flame resistant without the need to add harsh chemicals.
  • CORE: Contains natural rubber for dense cushion.
Brand Earthing
Shipping Weight 3.1000kg
Unit Of Measure ea

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Please note the Yoga Mat is NOT included in the 90 day money back guarantee

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