Earthing Silver Pillowcases

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Help Reduce Study Stress with Earthing

Help reduce study stress! Is it just me or is this year flown by super-fast so far. One minute I was celebrating Australia Day, now the HSC is upon us and Christmas is just around the corner! Does that make your chest go a little tight with stress? Well for thousands of our Aussie students, exam time will become a huge cause of daily stress. Long hours of study, the pressure to perform, the pressure to do well in exams and the pressure to remember, can become overwhelming for some. ... continue reading

Simple and Easy Way To Reduce Your Mobile Phone Radiation

How many times have you ended up with your mobile phone against your ear for longer than you anticipated? You feel anxious knowing you shouldn’t have it there but it’s not appropriate for you to put the call on hands free. It probably happens to many of you more times than you like to acknowledge and too much exposure may be detrimental to your health. Mobile phone manufacturers recommend we don’t hold our mobiles close to our bodies and the World Health Organisations confirms mobile phones are “possibly carcinogenic” and did you know that children absorb radiation twice as much as adults. So it makes sense to have some sort of protection, right. There is a simple and easy solution – all you need to do is stick a ... continue reading

Try Earthing For Just $29.99

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W e occasionally meet up with friends of friends and it soon leads to “and what do you do?” or “where do you work?” and I endeavour to explain Earthing to them and I usually see this look come across their face like “this all sounds too simple for it to really work” or “I’ve never heard of it – sounds a bit new age – hippish” …..sound familiar? Which got me thinking….. that probably all our Earthing advocates who love promoting Earthing would have similar challenges with their families and friends and it can be down right disheartening when we know that Earthing could possibly make a big difference in their health if only they would just try it. ... continue reading