Test Earthing with a Multimeter

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I've had lots of enquiries about how to use a multimeter to test the voltage variations of your body while being Earthed. So I have put together a simple video showing you how you can do this at home with your Earthing products. Hope this helps. Linda and the Earthing Team - Australia ... continue reading

Where To Get Socks

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Had a lot of people asking me where to get the silver and copper socks I don't stock them at the moment, however, if you are interested please see web sites below: ... continue reading

Cold Feet and the Earthing Mat

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I love using my Universal Mat and my feet are planted on it every day while I’m at my computer, however, with the chilly winter weather I need to put socks on to keep my feet warm. I could move the mat to under my hands, however, I feel I get very strong earthing when it’s the bottom of my feet connected. So I decided to do a little experimenting with socks to see how much conductivity would be lost by wearing them. ... continue reading

Trial of Earthing Thongs

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My new Earthing thongs which were given to me to trial at Barefoot Healing got a great workout over the Easter Long Weekend - We camped alongside a dam and the ground while beautiful and scenic was covered in bindys making it impossible to go barefoot. I wore them most of the day - nights were way too cold for thongs. Walked around lots and also used them in water while canoeing. They were comfortable and were great to have on my feet knowing that I was grounding myself most of the day and not bound up in joggers as most of the other campers. These are a great earthing product and hopefully I will be able to supply to Australia very shortly.... continue reading

Earthing Thongs

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Just received my new pair of Earthing Thongs - can't wait to try out over the Easter break as we are going camping and it will be an ideal place to be able to wear them. At the moment they are only availabe in green and the sole is made from 100% natural rubber with a carbonized conductive rubber centre which is the link to the earth. I don't have them available for sale in Australia as yet - if you would be interested in getting the thongs please make sure you join our newsletter so that we can let you know when they are available. Connect to the... continue reading

Product Tester for Earthing Sheets, Mats & Bands

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Just a note on the optional Product Tester that is available in accessories. Talking to many of you it has been brought to my attention that there has been a little bit of confusion about what it is exactly testing. Firstly the Product Tester is NOT testing that your sheets, mats, bands, etc., are Earthed, however, it is testing that the products and cables are conductive and in good working condition. What this means is it is creating a circuit between two points, i.e., the product tester placed on the sheet and the power outlet or ground rod. If there was damage to any part of the sheet, mat, etc., when the product tester... continue reading

Photo with David

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Me, Linda, with my great friend Annette who you may have met at David Wolfe's event helping me with the Earthing Products - what a great weekend and what a treat to attend a chocolate party! ... continue reading

Great Night - David Wolfe Sydney/Earthing

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David presented lots of great information to keep us living longer and healthier and was truly inspirational to get us on the right track. Looking forward to the rest of the weekend and eating lots of chocolate. It was great meeting up with lots of fellow earthers and hearing about very positive and encouraging results as well as introducing it to others. One thing that seemed to be common is that some people are finding it confusing to connect the sheets or pads to the earth via a rod or using the plug. I will be posting a very simple video on the web site shortly showing how we connect everything. - Linda... continue reading

Earthing Products on Display - Sydney This Weekend

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I will be having most of the US Earthing products (Sheets, universal mat, bands, patches, vehicle pads, recovery bag and accessories) on display at the David Wolfe Event at Randwick Racecourse Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. This would be a great opportunity to see, feel and use the Earthing products before you purchase. I will also have the "Earthing" book availabe at a discounted price. Look forward... continue reading

Earthing Silver Pillowcases

Watch our Video Where I give my review on the Earthing Pillowcases Click to Watch Here ! ... continue reading

Help Reduce Study Stress with Earthing

Help reduce study stress! Is it just me or is this year flown by super-fast so far. One minute I was celebrating Australia Day, now the HSC is upon us and Christmas is just around the corner! Does that make your chest go a little tight with stress? Well for thousands of our Aussie students, exam time will become a huge cause of daily stress. Long hours of study, the pressure to perform, the pressure to do well in exams and the pressure to remember, can become overwhelming for some. ... continue reading

Simple and Easy Way To Reduce Your Mobile Phone Radiation

How many times have you ended up with your mobile phone against your ear for longer than you anticipated? You feel anxious knowing you shouldn’t have it there but it’s not appropriate for you to put the call on hands free. It probably happens to many of you more times than you like to acknowledge and too much exposure may be detrimental to your health. Mobile phone manufacturers recommend we don’t hold our mobiles close to our bodies and the World Health Organisations confirms mobile phones are “possibly carcinogenic” and did you know that children absorb radiation twice as much as adults. So it makes sense to have some sort of protection, right. There is a simple and easy solution – all you need to do is stick a ... continue reading