Celebrating International Women's Day with Earthing Shoes

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It's International Women's Day and we're celebrating with 20% off all women's Earthing Shoes (Grounding Shoes) including Flip Flops/Thongs and all in our clearance specials . So empower your health even further by wearing Earthing Shoes and uptake Healing energy while outdoors on grass, sand, footpaths and even city sidewalks. Our wedges and ballet flats are also perfect for teaming up with the Earthing Universal Mat so that you can leave your Earthing shoes on while using the mat and still be uptaking all those beneficial electrons. We have a great variety to choose from so that you can have a pair for the office, going out and about or just... continue reading

Handy App To Compliment Your Earthing

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Improved health can be as simple as just making better choices, such as choosing to sleep Earthed every night, however, while Earthing has amazing benefits, Earthing... continue reading

Can Earthing Help With Wi-Fi?

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I strongly urge you to watch this week’s Catalyst program “Wi-Fried” , by clicking on video below. Dr Devra Davis was recently in Australia presenting her findings on... continue reading

What's Planned for Earthing 2016

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Well it was a big year last year with the release of the new 99.9% Earthing silver pillow cases and the grounded Yoga Mat as well as the new Pluggz all “vegan” grounding ballet flats – the verdict is clear people are loving the benefits of Earthing and with that new products will keep evolving. ... continue reading

Stress, Earthing and Meditation

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STRESS, STRESS, STRESS!! It’s that time of year when everything can just get on top of you. Earthing has been shown to help with calming down our nervous system, however, sometimes we just try to do too much and the happy season suddenly becomes the unhappy season for many of us. Davidji, one of my favourite meditation teachers, is generously offering a beautiful FREE meditation each day for the... continue reading

Earthing and Jet Lag

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Make the Most Of Your Precious Time When Travelling Overseas The holiday season is approaching, faster than I want it to, and many people plan this time of the year to visit family and friends overseas, however, because Australia is so far from everywhere else plane trips can take many, many tedious hours and by the time you arrive, to excited relatives, you just want to curl up and go to sleep and jet lag can be a real problem. Well there is something that can help jet lag and it's Earthing.... continue reading

Too Many Pills Prescribed - How Can Earthing Help

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One of the beneficial effects of Earthing is that as your health conditions improve you may be able to come off long used medications, which is what happened to me. Earthing helped me to totally get off Asthma Steroid medication that I had been on for over 20 years. This made me feel better, has saved me heaps of money and allowed my lungs to heal and repair and get stro... continue reading

Pets Need Earthing Too!

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We Aussies love our pets! According to a report published in 2013 by The Animal Health Alliance of Australia, it was estimated there were more than 25 million pets in Australia, with five million of us opening our homes to our furry friends. This figure means our country has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world! In the report, dogs were the most common pet owned with 39% of households owning a dog, while cats came in as second favourites at 29%. What was surprising reading this report however was that a whopping 76% of dogs are kept eit... continue reading

Electrons and Earthing

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Electrons & Earthing No matter what your state of health right now, having electrons from the earth moving through your body on a regular basis (preferably daily) is so important for your health! Over the years I’ve not only read about and heard so many success stories from people who have taken up Grounding or Earthing, I’ve experienced it for myself first hand. It really has been life changing. I often get asked how electrons move through the body, as unlike most electrical wiring in homes, we don’t have copper wiring inside us to conduct electricity! But accordi... continue reading

Effortless Earthing

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A friend of mine called the other day to tell me about her latest purchase – a super blender that turned any fruit, nut and raw vegetable concoction into a creamy smoothie in just seconds. “It makes smoothie-making effortless,” she told me. Immediately I thought to myself, wearing Grounding footwear makes Earthing effortless too! I mean, how easy is it to just go about your day knowing you are grounding yourself with every step you take? You don’t have to do anything special except slip on your favou... continue reading

Our New Silver Earthing "Beauty" Pillow Cases

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The “Earthing Facelift” is finally here! It’s the Earthing product we’ve all been waiting for – the Grounded Beauty Silver Pillowcase. Imagine going to sleep every night on a Silver pillowcase, designed specifically to help give you a “facelift”. With the Grounded Beauty Silver Pillowcase you will wake up feeling revitalised. You will sleep better, feel better and look better – how good is that! It’s true. The creators of Earthing Products have designed the ultimate Beauty Pillow and now it’s about to launch here in Australia – so be the first to experience this revolution in beauty sleep. The Grounded Beauty Silver Pillow can do what no other pillow on the planet can – it reconnects you to the Earth’s gentle, natural, restorative energy while you slee... continue reading

New Earthing Reports

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Just wanted to share the Earthing Institute's new and encouraging reports and add a little bit of a fun fact - that Elvis Presley knew the benefits of Earthing long before all the research (as you probably did too!). Please pass on and share the reports with your friends and family. Take a step back in time and have a laugh while you listen to The King’s “Barefoot Ballard”! Please click on the picture to watch. To Read the Institute's full report please Click Here... continue reading