Beating Insomnia, Fatigue, Adrenal Exhaustion – One Woman’s Story

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Wow, this week I have talked to many very sick women who seem to be suffering from Adrenal exhaustion, insomnia and fatigue just to name a few. It really concerns me that so many wonderful women out there, think their life as they knew it, has come to an end and have just about given up on ever finding relief. Somehow, through their journey, they find us and discover Earthing and this gives them a new vision of hope!... continue reading

What Mum's Need To Know About Mother's Day!

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How Many Times Have You Said ..... I need to start doing this myself but never do! Over the last couple of weeks I’ve spoken to many very caring and generous mothers who have purchased Earthing products, not for themselves, but for another member of their family …… “My mum's 70 and really needs this as she never gets outside and is riddled with pain ” or “My daughter can’t sleep and is in a bad way and I really want her to try this” . Us mums tend to put ourselves last and in doing so are not actually listening to our own advice. Earthing is beneficial for everyone in the family, however, mums are the core, the foundation, so to speak, and just imagine if you got sick and couldn’t be there to help yo... continue reading

Earthing - A simple Solution to Living the 'High Life'

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Living the ‘High Life’ – Are You At Risk? I have been talking to a few retirees over the last couple of weeks who now reside in modern high rise apartments and many are looking for solutions to bad health conditions that doctors can’t seem to help them with. So it prompted me to remind those of you living in high rise apartments how important it is to be Earthed while living high off the ground, which could possibly be linked to a higher incidence of stroke and inflammatory disorders. You can stay Earthed while living up high, quite simply, by scattering a few Earthing Products around living areas and bedrooms, easily connecting through the power outlets. ... continue reading

Try Green-Desking

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Try Green Desking Next Week During 'Work For Nature' Week April 18 - 24 Next time you’re feeling a bit drowsy, consider stepping outside instead of having that next cuppa. Because just 20 minutes in the great outdoors has the same effect on your mental alertness, as coffee. Make it even more powerful by stepping out with Earthing Shoes on! I was listening to a radio station the other day and learnt that, The Nature Conservancy Environmental Organisation (TNC) is trying to encourage Office workers and corporations to start ‘green-desking’ or spend time out in the fresh air during their work day. “We spend a lot of time indoors –... continue reading

Get Outdoors These School Holidays with Earthing to help ADHD

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You know about Attention Deficit Disorder in children, but have you heard of Nature Deficit Disorder? You or your kids may be suffering from it. How Can Earthing Help? ... continue reading

Earth Hour

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Tomorrow night is Earth Hour (8.30 to 9.30pm) and as we get a lot of FREE beneficial energy from mother earth when using our Earthing Products or walking barefoot outside, it seems only fair we give our beautiful Earth a little rest for an hour and just like Earthing it’s relatively easy and simple to turn off for just 1 hour. ... continue reading

Celebrating International Women's Day with Earthing Shoes

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It's International Women's Day and we're celebrating with 20% off all women's Earthing Shoes (Grounding Shoes) including Flip Flops/Thongs and all in our clearance specials . So empower your health even further by wearing Earthing Shoes and uptake Healing energy while outdoors on grass, sand, footpaths and even city sidewalks. Our wedges and ballet flats are also perfect for teaming up with the Earthing Universal Mat so that you can leave your Earthing shoes on while using the mat and still be uptaking all those beneficial electrons. We have a great variety to choose from so that you can have a pair for the office, going out and about or just... continue reading

Handy App To Compliment Your Earthing

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Improved health can be as simple as just making better choices, such as choosing to sleep Earthed every night, however, while Earthing has amazing benefits, Earthing... continue reading

Can Earthing Help With Wi-Fi?

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I strongly urge you to watch this week’s Catalyst program “Wi-Fried” , by clicking on video below. Dr Devra Davis was recently in Australia presenting her findings on... continue reading

What's Planned for Earthing 2016

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Well it was a big year last year with the release of the new 99.9% Earthing silver pillow cases and the grounded Yoga Mat as well as the new Pluggz all “vegan” grounding ballet flats – the verdict is clear people are loving the benefits of Earthing and with that new products will keep evolving. ... continue reading

Stress, Earthing and Meditation

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STRESS, STRESS, STRESS!! It’s that time of year when everything can just get on top of you. Earthing has been shown to help with calming down our nervous system, however, sometimes we just try to do too much and the happy season suddenly becomes the unhappy season for many of us. Davidji, one of my favourite meditation teachers, is generously offering a beautiful FREE meditation each day for the... continue reading

Earthing and Jet Lag

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Make the Most Of Your Precious Time When Travelling Overseas The holiday season is approaching, faster than I want it to, and many people plan this time of the year to visit family and friends overseas, however, because Australia is so far from everywhere else plane trips can take many, many tedious hours and by the time you arrive, to excited relatives, you just want to curl up and go to sleep and jet lag can be a real problem. Well there is something that can help jet lag and it's Earthing.... continue reading