Why Horse Riding Feels So Good: It's all about the "Earth"

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With Thanks - Article sourced from - ... continue reading

Put A Spring In Your Step

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Spring has arrived and yesterday was “Outdoor Classroom Day” and isn’t it fantastic to see Schools getting on board and teaching a lesson outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine! I hope they took off their shoes as well and enjoyed the feeling of grass between their toes while getting the added bonus of Earthing – what an absolute beautiful environment to learn. Let’s hope this becomes a regular part of a school day in the future! And talking of Spring, now is the perfect time to get yourself a pair of Grounding Shoes or Thongs with 20% off our full range for September. When you wear... continue reading

Are You Suffering From Digital Dementia?

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I read an interesting article in the Sunday paper with the heading “Generation Y Overstimulation? - 18-29 year olds lifestyles are too busy and too stressed and this is driving the country towards a “massive health crisis”! It seems our younger generation spend a great deal of time on some form of technology, and it’s part of their everyday lives and it could be considered addictive with constant checking of emails, Facebook and Twitter while doing other chores. ... continue reading

Our Gorgeous Range of Grounding Shoes

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Our gorgeous Pluggz Grounding - Earthing Shoes are ideal to wear while outside. The moment you connect to grass, sand, dirt and even the concrete paths and sidewalks you will be grounded - earthed. The more hours in a 24 hour period you can be Earthed the better. The shoe sole contains a conductive rubber plug that when touching a conductive surface will allow the Earth's electrons to flow through to your body. You will become the same electrical potential as the Earth, which means you will be pushing off "postive" electrical charges which will help keep you body in a balanced state. It is basically being the same as "Barefoot" only with foot protection and comfort. They are ideal to wear to the office or retail work and team up with our Universal Mat. Standing on the ... continue reading

Earthing Interview with Clint Ober

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This is a great interview with the Father of Earthing Clint Ober with James Colquhoun from Food Matters. You may learn a few new things from Clint about Earthing, from the lastest research to types of grounding shoes as well as hear about Clint's Earthing journey. Watch video or read full transcript below. ... continue reading

It's Snow Time - Be an Earthing Bunny!

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It's August and it's SNOW TIME in Australia and due to our very short season many of us hit the slopes at short notice for just a few days. No training, no muscle preparation and after the first day on the slopes you may end up feeling like a bus has hit you and find muscles that you never knew you had that are painful, stiff and stops you from enjoying the slopes. Well you may not have thought about this but sleeping Earthed after a hard day of skiing or snowboarding will help with your muscle recovery, lettting you get back to having fun quickly. Earthing has been shown to significantly reduce the degree and duration of soreness after intense exercise so this means that if you sleep Earthed after a jam packed day on the slopes your body has a better chance of recovering so that... continue reading

Earthing Cord Tips and Tricks

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Earthing cords seem to get so tangled and believe me I've experienced the frustration more than others as I'm using them everyday in all sorts of applications. Our Earthing straight cords are a good length of 4.5 metres and this is very handy when you only have one powerpoint in the room and have a good distance to connect, however, if you have a short distance to plug in there will be a lot of spare cord that is likely to get tangled over time. When I'm travelling I will quickly put my cord and plug back in the carry bag and this is when it can get quite tangled causing frustration when it is next needed to be connected. I have also had a lot of you tell me how the cords get tangled and you seem to have the same problem so I have a few tips for you to keep everything neat and tidy. ... continue reading

Earthing and Your Electric Blanket

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We get lots of enquiries as to whether you can use an Electric Blanket with an Earthing Sheet or Earthing Silver Pad and the simple answer is YES, however, there are a few things you should know. If you are using an Earthing Product and only heat your bed up with an electric blanket there is absolutely no damage to the silver in the sheets or pads and even if you do leave your electric blanket on during the night it will not harm them. Firstly it is not recommended that you sleep with an electric blanket left on throughout the night as it may dehydrate you and leave you lethargic as well as electrical da... continue reading

Multimeter Test with Earthing

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A lot of people like to visually see how things work, including me, and I guess it gives us reassurance that what we are seeing is real and has some credibility to it. Now when it comes to Earthing our body, some people may feel a slight tingle at first but for others they feel nothing and I find that showing them a simple test with a basic Multimeter and a conductive indoor Earthing Mat or Pad is a great visual way to see just one of the many amazing health benefits of grounding the human body can have and how that may affect your overall health. ... continue reading

Could Earthing Be The World's Simplest Jet Lag Cure?

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At our recent Mind Body Spirit Festival I spoke to many lucky people who will taking off overseas to escape the chilly winter months here in Australia and many asked me what to do about taking their earthing sheets with them and how to tackle jet lag. I have covered a few stories on jetlag previously, however, after reading an interesting blog from a Travel Post, thought I would cover this topic again. But first read the article to get a general understanding of how Earthing may be a cure for jet lag. Click here to read “Good Travel’s” Blog – Could This Be The World’s Si... continue reading

Earthing, Inflammation and Aging

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With Thanks from the Earthing Institute: Earthing, Inflammation, and Aging – Something to Think About by Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D., Director, Earthing Institute Type the word “inflammation” in the search box at the U.S. National Library of Time Mag Inflammation Medicine (Pub Med) website and you’ll get more than 377,000 medical research articles to consider. The very first one goes back to an 1813 paper on inflammation in the eyes. It’s been since 2000, however, that the relationship between inflammation and disease has really taken off and specifically the relationship between chronic inflammation and chronic disease. Hitherto, inflammation was largely thought of as the body’s response to injury and infection. That, to be sure, is what acute inflammation is about... continue reading

Earthing May Improve Your Digestion

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Very interesting post below with thanks from the Earthing Institute. With so many suffering from digestive issues these days and with the link between the gut and the brain, Earthing could certainly play a vital role in helping keep our digestion calm and not under constant attack from inflammation. Even more reasons why it's so important to get your daily grounding either outdoors or indoors with Earthing Mats or Earthing Sheets for at least 30 minutes daily. From Pain Relief to Improved Digestion: Grounding Benefits Confirmed Through Thermal Imaging ... continue reading