Could Earthing Be The World's Simplest Jet Lag Cure?

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At our recent Mind Body Spirit Festival I spoke to many lucky people who will taking off overseas to escape the chilly winter months here in Australia and many asked me what to do about taking their earthing sheets with them and how to tackle jet lag. I have covered a few stories on jetlag previously, however, after reading an interesting blog from a Travel Post, thought I would cover this topic again. But first read the article to get a general understanding of how Earthing may be a cure for jet lag. Click here to read “Good Travel’s” Blog – Could This Be The World’s Si... continue reading

Earthing, Inflammation and Aging

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With Thanks from the Earthing Institute: Earthing, Inflammation, and Aging – Something to Think About by Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D., Director, Earthing Institute Type the word “inflammation” in the search box at the U.S. National Library of Time Mag Inflammation Medicine (Pub Med) website and you’ll get more than 377,000 medical research articles to consider. The very first one goes back to an 1813 paper on inflammation in the eyes. It’s been since 2000, however, that the relationship between inflammation and disease has really taken off and specifically the relationship between chronic inflammation and chronic disease. Hitherto, inflammation was largely thought of as the body’s response to injury and infection. That, to be sure, is what acute inflammation is about... continue reading

Earthing May Improve Your Digestion

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Very interesting post below with thanks from the Earthing Institute. With so many suffering from digestive issues these days and with the link between the gut and the brain, Earthing could certainly play a vital role in helping keep our digestion calm and not under constant attack from inflammation. Even more reasons why it's so important to get your daily grounding either outdoors or indoors with Earthing Mats or Earthing Sheets for at least 30 minutes daily. From Pain Relief to Improved Digestion: Grounding Benefits Confirmed Through Thermal Imaging ... continue reading

Earthing and Parkinson's Disease

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One Parkinson Patient’s Experience with Earthing and Golf: This article is with thanks from the Earthing Institute: Over the years, we have had feedback from patients with Parkinson ’s disease telling us that grounding has reduced the intensity of their symptoms. We do not know the precise mechanism involved, although we do know that Earthing has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. ... continue reading

New Earthing Body Band Kits

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Body bands are absolutely wonderful for targetting pain and inflammation and can be used alone or with other Earthing Products such as an Earthing Sheet while you sleep or you can use them to simply ground the whole body. Body bands are also a inexpensive way to try Earthing and now we have two new improved sizes of... continue reading

New Earthing Movie

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The “ Down to Earth ” short film has received an IndieFEST Award of Excellence. The IndieFEST is an international awards competition for independent filmmakers. We're really excited to bring you the preview of the new grounding film " Down to Earth ", which will be released later this year. The film is all about grounding and its crucial role in treating inflammation, helping to prevent chronic illness and slowing down the ageing proces... continue reading

The Dangers In Your Drinking Water!

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March has been an exceptionally wet month with lots of flooding which would be causing a lot of chemicals and pesticides to run off into our waterways and dams. While the Water Board take care that our water is as clean as possible in times like this it is almost impossible to know what could be ending up in our drinking water and the best way to ensure you are in fact drinking clean water is to use a Water Purification System... continue reading

How Earthing May Help Reverse Anemia Disorders

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Thalassemia & Sickle Cell Anemia - One Man’s Grounding Experience (Thalassemia, a type of inherited blood disorder that typically produces anemia, occurs mostly among people of Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, Southern Asian, and African descent.) Health writer and speaker Howard Straus has struggled with the low energy of this condition for a lifetime. After starting grounding in 2014, his red blood cell count rapidly normalized and his stamina soared. He shares his personal story here. Mr. Straus can be heard on the weekly internet radio program “The Power of Natural Healing” at continue reading

Earthing - A powerful healing force for leg Ulcers

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Earthing can be a powerful source of healing! While Earthing can appear simple it can deliver extraordinary results. he below story is from a 58 year old acupuncturist in Australia who got relief from long time leg ulcers by Earthing. "When I was about 20 years old I had a motor-bike accident, and required comprehensive skin grafts on my left shin area. A very thin skin layer was attached directly to bone, with no cushioning below. I was left with very poor circulation and numbness in that area ever since. "Over the years since then, I have had dozens of woun... continue reading

What Could You Do To Be A Better Parent This Year?

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Hopefully the kids are back at school and we’re all finished our holidays and are getting back to some normality and routine. The lazy days of January usually mean more visits to the beach or outdoors, the freedom of being barefoot and carefree and naturally Earthing. However, now it’s back to business, for most, and that means being inside more, working in offices, school rooms, at your computer and keeping shoes on for a longer time, disconnecting us from the beneficial Earth’s healing energy. My own grandson starts school today and it made me think of many of my friends older children who seem to get so stressed about doing homework and studying for exams as well as the daily pressure to perform and do well which can become overwhelming for some. They have shared stories with me of the toll stress took on their children during homework, study and exam times – bouts of anger, uncontrolle... continue reading

AfterPay Now Available

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To make our wonderful beneficial Earthing Products available to everyone, no matter what your budget, we have now introduced AfterPay which allows you to shop now, use your products and pay over four (4) fortnightly payments. You can choose AfterPay at our checkout page. 100% interest-free, with four easy payments No waiting, items shipped immediately Instant Approval, no application No refund required if items are returned before first payment date ... continue reading

Earthing and Weight Loss

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It's really wonderful having such passionate advocates such as Dr Stephen Sinatra, praising the benefits of Earthing to the point that he says, "grounding changed my life". Dr Sinatra did a series of Health/Weight Loss Coaching and you can find out why he recommends EARTHING to help lose weight, maintain health and the best way to do it. After you watch this and discover the importance of Earthing you may be eager to experience sleeping grounded with our new 100% Silver Earthing Underlay that goes under your sheet. or upgrade from your existing Earthing Sheet. ... continue reading