Ways To Be Earthed Better In Winter

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With the colder weather, we have been getting a few questions about our Earthing Products and how they should be used due to extra layers of clothes and thicker sheets. So I have put together our top tips to help you get the very best from your Earthing Products this winter. Q: Can I use flannelette sheets over my Earthing Sleep Mat or Mattress Cover? A: I have done many tests on this with our Earthing Product Continuity Tester and have found that it takes quite a while for the electrons to flow through - up to an hour depending upon the thickness of the flannelette sheet and this is with bare sk... continue reading

The Minimalists Podcast With Clint Ober on Grounding

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Watch Clint Ober talk all about grounding or Earthing the pain away on the Minimalists Podcast. A must for you, your family or friends who are suffering in pain. There is another way for pain relief without drugs. Clint shares the science on how Earthing can knock down inflammation which in turn can reduce or even eliminate pain. By knocking down inflammation on a regular basis the body can heal and repair how it is meant to and puts the immune system in a better state to... continue reading

Father's Day Earthing & Wellness Gift Ideas

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When my dad was here on this Earth, when Father’s Day rolled around, I would struggle to know what to get him. I’d rack my brain, ask mum and even ask him and he would always tell me “don’t worry about it love” . But I wanted to show my dad that I loved having him around and this was just a token for the love and care he showed me over the years and surprise him with something he may have not thought to buy for himself.... continue reading

Winter FAQs and Earthing Products

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Can I use flannelette sheets over my Earthing Sleep Mats/Mattress Cover? Can I wear PJ’s while using my Sleep Mats/Mattress Cover? Can I use an electric blanket with my Sleep Mats/Mattress cover? What happens if my hot water bottle leaks onto my Sleep Mat/Mattress cover? ... continue reading

The Importance of Staying Grounded In These Trying Times

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The Importance Of Staying Grounded in These Trying Times & Our 7 Tips To Help Boost Your Immune System I would just like to remind you that Earthing is a very reliable, simple and powerful way to support and boost your health, including the immune system in these worrying times of the Covid viruses. It looks like Covid is here to stay in many forms and eventually we will all have to live with it as lockdowns cannot continue forever. Even with the vaccine, you can still catch the virus, so the best way to cope with Covid is to have a healthy immune system and good health and I really don’t know why we aren’t seeing ads on TV about this as well. ... continue reading

Earthing Auto Seat Mat

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The Earthing Auto Seat Mat connects you to the metal frame of your vehicle through the Auto Coil Cord connected to a piece of metal in the vehicle. While this does not create a true earth ground, it pulls static electricity off your body that accumulates as you drive. It also connects you to the electrons that flow from the vehicle's battery into the frame. Together, this supports a reduction in the physical and mental fatigue that can occur from driving, especially long-distance driving. As reported in the first edition of the Earthing book an informal experiment was conducted at a busy truck stop where they were enrolling long-haul drivers to be the testers. All the drivers had to do was agree to sit on a 25cm x 36cm conductive earthing seat mat connected by a wire to the metal frame under their seat while travelling to their destinatio... continue reading

Earthing Chair Mat Kit

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The Earthing® Chair Mat connects you to the earth’s energy through the earthed port of your wall outlet while you work, relax, eat and socialize. Simply make contact with the mat with bare skin or light clothes. Now anywhere you sit or stand you can be grounded. Use our Earthing Chair Mats on desk chairs, kitchen table chairs or benches, the couch or anywhere you sit or work. Can also be used as a Mouse Pad. Convenient for those small places. ... continue reading

How To Prevent Computer Problems With An Earthing Mat

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In today’s modern world we are surrounded by computers, gaming stations and electronics in the home and workplace and many of us can work or play on them for several hours but this is causing unknown illnesses that the medical profession cannot recognise or have answers for. When working at a computer station for long periods you are likely to suffer from:- Eyestrain Backache Fatigue Loss of concentration And over the long term, this can develop into inflammation , a poor immune system , poor sleep and auto-immune diseases.... continue reading

Earthing Holiday Giveaway

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Could you do with a Barefoot Holiday Break – I bet you could as it’s been such a tough year. Well we have some exciting news – most businesses around this time discount products and you can save a few dollars here and there but we’re going to do something different and that is we are giving away 4 holidays in Australia till 22 December – that’s one drawn each week. Yes, that’s right! You can go away for a 4 night, 4 Star accommodation holiday in popular places around Australia and have a beautiful break that you deserve. The value of this may exceed over $1200 depending upon the resort - that's way better than a boring discount. And all you have to do is place an order over $60.00 in our shop from now till 22 December 20 and you’ll automatically be placed in our draw. SHOP NOW... continue reading

New Evidence That Covid Can Live On Your Phone for 28 Days - Our Stellarcleenz wipes it out FAST!

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I was shocked last night to find out there had been a reported case of Covid at a hotel in our suburb – lucky for me it’s not a regular place I visit, however, where else has this person or their friends been – our local supermarket, post office, bank, etc? And on the same news was also a story from the CSIRO saying that the virus has been tested and shown it can live up to 28 days on smooth surfaces... continue reading

New Earthing Elite Mattress Covers

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After two decades of research, Clint Ober and the Earthing team, have developed a grounding material that is the best formulation so far. It’s 100% conductive, easy to clean, and very durable and designed to last much longer than the previous cotton and silver sheets. In fact, Clint Ober has publicly stated that the new material will never lose its conductivity – this is a game-changer! This new line of ‘Earthing Elite™’ of products are now available for PRE-ORDER and we should ha... continue reading

Silver Masks: The Optimal Solution for “Maskne”

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With Thanks fr... continue reading