How To Sleep Smarter While Earthing

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S leeping Grounded has been shown to be very beneficial for deeper and more refreshing sleep, however, certain things may interrupt or interfere with the Earth' natural flowing energy and there are certain issues to be aware of or add to your daily routine to get the very best out of your Earthing products, such as your Earthing Mat or Sheet for the best night's sleep ever! When you have had a bad night’s sleep, you know you are going to feel wretched the next day and your brain is not going to function properly. Sleep plays a crucial role in your brain’s performance and can affect your thinking, memory and your learning and other areas in many ways. Bad sleep can impair alertness,... continue reading

My Propur Shower Filter Experience

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We have had a shower filter on our shower head for many years and had purchased quite a few filters, so I had been waiting for them to run out before I installed the Propur Shower Filter . Our old filter took out Chlorine and Bacteria, etc., but not Fluoride, Glyphosate and over 200 other contaminants. I was quite happy with our old water filter as before we installed it I would come out in huge red blotches and get very itchy skin from the Chlorine, which I would then scratch and it would drive me crazy as I could get no relief until my skin calmed down. However, just recently, after installing the Propur Shower Filter the water quality and flow are amazing. It really does fe... continue reading

High Blood Pressure and Earthing

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High Blood Pressure is serious and can lead to heart failure , vision loss, stroke , and kidney disease. In 2014-15, 23.0% of all ... continue reading

Mother's Plea for Sleep

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"My son has an ASD diagnosis (autistic spectrum disorder). He has never slept through the night. Over the years we’ve tried things to improve his sleep and some did improve it but nothing kept him asleep all night. When he was 1 and 2 he would wake up at 2:30 am and that was it. No matter what we did, he was not going back to sleep. I sought help from ‘sleep experts’ who, upon hearing my story and watch me break into tears talking about the 3-hour nightmares of getting him to sleep and then the 2:30 wake ups and the fact that he only napped for an hour at the most during the day, told me it was "ME"! I was back working part-time and completely sleep deprived. My husband and I would take it in turns getting up at 2:30 but I’d usually do it because he had a full time... paid... job and we couldn’t risk losing his income. ... continue reading

Earthing Wearables

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Knee pain, joint pain, RSI of the wrist, long surgery recovery, cold and aching feet are all common problems and are usually fuelled by chronic inflammation. If you can knock down that inflammation on a daily basis the body has a natural ability to heal and repair itself and get you back to enjoying your life. Earthing has just released a new range of Wearables , that when connected will bring the earth’s healing energy (anti-inflammatories) directly to the point of injury with comfort and support. The great thing about these new wearables is that they can be left on all day and just reconnected when convenient to ground yourself again. ... continue reading

Sleep Mat Featured on National TV

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What a great way to start 2019 as our Earthing Sleep Mat was chosen by Australia’s leading Sleep Expert, Elina Winnel , as one of the top products to help with sleep in a channel 9 interview. Click on the video below to watch Our revolutionary Earthing Sleep Mats are definitely support better sleep by bringing the body back to a balanced state as it would be in nature. ... continue reading

Naturally Beat Insomnia & Get Better Sleep

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Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Are you restless? Are you waking up without the energy you need to meet the day? You’re not alone. Nearly 60 million Americans struggle with insomnia and sleeping disorders. And according to the 2016 Sleep Health Survey of Australian Adults , 33-45% of Australian adults have inadequate sleep. Sleep is increasingly recognized as a public health issue, with sleep insufficiency linked to motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, occupational errors, and a greater likelihood to suffer from hypertension, diabetes, depression, obesity, and reduced quality of life and productivity.... continue reading

New Earthing Book - Barefoot Wisdom

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Great news! We have a new Earthing book "Barefoot Wisdom" that's an easy read for anyone new to Earthing. This book absolutely nails what Earthing is all about, so everyone can understand the principles behind earthing and grounding. The information is clear, uplifting and healing and shows just how simple and amazing it can be to use the Earth as the ultimate healer. It's full of real-life experiences and remarkable individual case studies. The book has been passionately written by Sharon Whitely, who is the founder of our loved Pluggz Grounding Shoes, and Dr Ann Marie Chiasson, who is a practising integrative and energy medicine physician and author of Energy Healing. This book would make an absolutely great gift this year - think teachers, students, work colleague... continue reading

Propur Water Systems - Removes Cancer Causing Glyphosate Easily!

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Roundup – found to cause cancer – And It’s In Your Aussie Town Water – This Is How To Get It Out! Judge finds Roundup Weed Killer Caused Cancer – Is the headline and latest news surrounding Monsanto and Bayer for unsafely distributing Glyphosate also known as Roundup weed killer and hiding the dangers of the herbicide. Roundup has allegedly been associated with cancer, birth defects, skin diseases, respiratory illnesses and neurological diseases. You may think that this is miles away from Australia, however, here in Australia there are around 500 products containing glyphosate registered for use including Roundup, the most commonly used weed killer used by farmers, local councils, and gardeners. Not only are you exposed to this probable car... continue reading

New Easy Care Earthing Sleep Mats

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Sleeping grounded just got a whole lot easier with our new leatherette Earthing Sleep Mats. Earthing the body has been shown, through research, to reduce inflammation, pain, stress and generates greater wellbeing while promoting a deeper and more refreshing sleep. Our new Earthing Sleep Mats come in two sizes, single and full, and both are designed to place under any fitted bed sheet. The Sleep Mat is made of soft, hole-punched, 100% eco-friendly conductive carbon leatherette that feels great against the skin, is breathable and almost unnoticeable under your fitted sheet. ... continue reading

Universal Mat February Special

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We have a great February Special for you because as one of our customer’s told us, “every house in Australia should have one!” She was talking about our Universal Earthing Mats and I couldn’t agree more! If you really want to get the maximum from Earthing have these mats set up all around your home and office, at all your kid’s electronic stations, in the lounge room and anywhere else you sit, relax or stand for more than 30 minutes. Our Earthing Mats are like bringing a piece of the Earth inside to ground when it suits you – rain, hail or shine! The Earthing Universal Mat would have to be one of the easiest item to incorporate into your daily life and get so many benefits like knocking down inflammation. Just set up where you nor... continue reading

Is Fluoride Building Up In Your Bones?

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I don’t know about you but I don’t like the idea of having fluoride added to my water supply . I would prefer to drink my water as pure as possible, however, most water in Australia has chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals added. According to a report, from the USA National Institute of Health , fluoride accumulates in our bones contributing to bone problems. Around 50% of the fluoride is eliminated and 50% stored in in our bones. So while you may think this is not relevant enough to worry about, over the years all those sips and swigs add up to a considerable amount of stored fluoride. And from another report, from Nuclear Medicine Communication , fluoride has also been shown to accumulate in our cardiovascular system as well. Now it’s virtually impossible to eliminate your fluoride exposure compl... continue reading