Earthing for 8 months - The Difference Is Amazing!

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See for yourself why Earthing is definitely Natures most Potent Anti-Ageing Treatment! Hope you enjoyed my blog about the comparison with the two plants last week and how we may think that Earthing is doing nothing - and how wrong that can be. Click here if you would like to read . Well a couple of weeks before, we also brought you Coleen Fynn's story of her suffering and how she found relief with Earthing. Coleen is head of a Fibromyalgia Group and about 3 years ago she did a story on this topic in her local newspaper which also took a picture of her to go with the story - she was not Earthing at this time. Click here to listen to Colee... continue reading

Earthing - The Proof Is In The Pictures

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One thing that a lot of people, new to and using Earthing Indoor Products want to know is.... "when will I see results and how long will it take". This is a very hard question to answer as each person is an individual with different needs and circumstances, however, one thing that I definitely do know is that Earthing will deliver subtle changes to your body's health and appearance over time. These subtle changes may be unnoticeable and improvements to your health become your “new normal”. For example you may start sleeping deeper for 5 hours a night instead of 3 and now 5 hours will seem like your normal amount of sleep to you and you may feel that Earthing is not doing anything. Sometimes it hard to notice these changes a... continue reading

Australian Doctor Gives His Views on Earthing

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We recently were invited to attend a Seminar put on by the The Clarence Valley Fibromyaglia Group from Grafton and introduce Earthing and its benefits to the attendees as well as display all our Earthing Indoor Products. Dr. David Richards from Illuka, NSW was also invited to attend as the Guest Speaker and talk about his personal and professional results with Earthing. Dr Richards kindly gave up his valuable time to attend as he was only to happy to bring the awareness of Earthing to people who may be searching for answers and solutions to their health problems. He has especially seen excellent results with his diabetic patients. Please click on the button on the video below to watch. PS: You can also watch Co... continue reading

Earthing and Fibromyalgia

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We recently were invited to attend a Seminar put on by the The Clarence Valley Fibromyaglia Group from Grafton and introduce Earthing and its benefits to the attendees as well as display all our Earthing Indoor Products. This was organised by an outstanding and beautiful woman, Coleen Flynn who runs the group. Coleen has endured years of bad health, pain and suffering and the Doctors told her there was not much else they could do for her. She learnt about Earthing through an association with Dr Richards and decided to give it a try. She was so blown away by the results that she got from Earthing that she just wanted to tell anyone who would listen. In fact, all those that knew her were calling her "the Earthing Queen" as that's all she could talk about and she's very happy with that title. At the seminar Coleen talks about her suffering with pain, sleepless nights and a poor quality of life and how her life has now dramatically change... continue reading

Washing Routine Tips

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February is here on our doorstep already – can you believe it! And most of us are back to work or school and getting back to our routines. So February is a good month to review the importance of looking after your Earthing Sheet correctly and get into a good washing routine. I have a few little tips here to help you remember when it’s time to wash your sheets and when to use the new Silver Care. It is really important to keep the silver threads on the sheet clean be... continue reading

Juil Summer Sandal Review

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Cosi - Black Dalli - Pewter/W Kava - Luggage ... continue reading

Easy EMF Detection Device

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I love simple, easy and no fuss and when I came upon this simple and easy to use little EMF (Electromagnetic Fields/Radiation) device, immediately felt have helpful it would be for the "general public" to measure EMFs quickly and remove themselves from a potential harmful situation that they may never have known existed. I have also had a lot of fun testing unusual places and being amazed where high radiation was lingering without me even having the faintest idea. I have put together a quick little video below, however, we will be bringing you a more comprehensive testing one shortly. Hope you find it helpful.... ... continue reading

Alternative Doctors - Embracing Earthing

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I talk to many people every day and many are wanting to seek out Doctors that will embrace natural therapies, such as Earthing, before heading down the drug and addiction track. Well there are many great Doctors out there prescribing Natural therapies, however, sometimes they are hard to find so we would like share this link with you to a group of Doctors who belong to ACNEM - Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine so that you have this information and can make a choice. Click Here to Acc... continue reading

Earthing Shoes - Watch our Comparison Video

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In the video below we compare the different styles of Pluggz Grounding Shoes and offer you our opinions on how to pick the correct shoe for you, the right size, comfort of each style and show you the adorable colours and range. I'm sure you will want them all. ... continue reading

Faking It - Are You One Of These People?

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I just watched an article on a Current Affair, maybe you watched it too, reporting how the medical profession in Australia is refusing to recognise Lyme’s Disease and how the Doctors are actually telling their suffering patients that “it all in their mind” or they’re faking it – can you believe it! Did you know that Earthing can help with the inflammation that Lyme’s disease inflicts on its sufferers. If you think you may be suffering from Lyme’s and not going mad maybe you should think about a re-assessment. According to the article a top Australian Doctor has identified a “Lyme Like Disease”. ... continue reading

Earthing Shoes are Coming watch video!

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We're excited as our new Earthing Shoes are being packed and will arrrive in Australia shortly. I know how busy you can be so I thought it easier to present this information in video format so you can just sit down, relax and watch and discover the benefits of the new grounding shoes. In this video we will cover:- 2 Shoes look the same - but are very different Why wearing Earthing shoes could be beneficial to your daily routine How Do they Ground You Comparison Multimeter Testing Address your 3 most asked questions Written Text: This video is about Grounding Shoes, Shoes that help you connect back to a beneficial healing source from the Earth. 2 SHOES – both similar but BIG Differences! – both will protec... continue reading

New Grounding Shoes - Part 1

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Modern Day Shoes: It may seem hard to believe but the wearing of the standard, everyday shoe could, in fact, be contributing to us suffering from many modern day illnesses. The majority of everyday shoes have thick rubber or synthetic soles and this puts a layer between us and the Earth’s healing energy. We have become disconnected from a valuable source of electrons entering the body, which has been shown by recent research, to help maintain and restore the equilibrium of the body so it can heal and repair how it is meant to. If our body is not kept in this balanced state, studies suggest, that this could fuel the fire of inflammation in the body and it is now recognised by most medical professions that inflammation is the root cause of most modern diseases such as allergies, arthritis, asthma, au... continue reading