Faking It - Are You One Of These People?

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I just watched an article on a Current Affair, maybe you watched it too, reporting how the medical profession in Australia is refusing to recognise Lyme’s Disease and how the Doctors are actually telling their suffering patients that “it all in their mind” or they’re faking it – can you believe it! Did you know that Earthing can help with the inflammation that Lyme’s disease inflicts on its sufferers. If you think you may be suffering from Lyme’s and not going mad maybe you should think about a re-assessment. According to the article a top Australian Doctor has identified a “Lyme Like Disease”. ... continue reading

Earthing Shoes are Coming watch video!

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We're excited as our new Earthing Shoes are being packed and will arrrive in Australia shortly. I know how busy you can be so I thought it easier to present this information in video format so you can just sit down, relax and watch and discover the benefits of the new grounding shoes. In this video we will cover:- 2 Shoes look the same - but are very different Why wearing Earthing shoes could be beneficial to your daily routine How Do they Ground You Comparison Multimeter Testing Address your 3 most asked questions Written Text: This video is about Grounding Shoes, Shoes that help you connect back to a beneficial healing source from the Earth. 2 SHOES – both similar but BIG Differences! – both will protec... continue reading

New Grounding Shoes - Part 1

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Modern Day Shoes: It may seem hard to believe but the wearing of the standard, everyday shoe could, in fact, be contributing to us suffering from many modern day illnesses. The majority of everyday shoes have thick rubber or synthetic soles and this puts a layer between us and the Earth’s healing energy. We have become disconnected from a valuable source of electrons entering the body, which has been shown by recent research, to help maintain and restore the equilibrium of the body so it can heal and repair how it is meant to. If our body is not kept in this balanced state, studies suggest, that this could fuel the fire of inflammation in the body and it is now recognised by most medical professions that inflammation is the root cause of most modern diseases such as allergies, arthritis, asthma, au... continue reading

Earthing Sheets - Dead or Alive!

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I just wanted to touch base and make sure that you are washing your sheet correctly as we want you to get the best longevity and benefits from them as possible, however, there still seems to still be some confusion surrounding this, even though we have clear instructions in our User Guide that comes with each sheet, so I want to explain why it is so important to do what we recommend you to do and below is a simple chart for you to follow. Firstly you must keep in mind that your Earthing Sheets are not your standard cotton bed sheets, they are an unbleached and undyed 100% cotton bed sheet interwoven with more than 400 metres of silver threads. ... continue reading

The Secret's out about EARTHING!

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Earthing has finally got the attention of the country with journalists now independently reporting on the health benefits of walking barefoot on the Earth. An article, on Earthing and Barefoot Walking was the featured story in last week's Body and Soul Liftout of the Sunday Telegraph Paper (July 6). This is a great step forward to get this important health message out to thousands of people around Australia. ... continue reading

Dangers Of Wireless & Cell Phone Radiation to Pregnant Women & How Earthing Can Help

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Below is a great article from Natural News which highlights the dangers of pregnant women using wi fi and mobile phones, however, it's not just pregnant women who should be concerned, young children are still developing and growing and need to stay away from this harmful radiation as much as possible Earthing will not protect or shield you from wi-fi or mobile phone radiation, however, it will allow your body's own electrical system to cope better with what's being thrown at it day and night from these invisible sources. When we sleep earthed or grounded at night our body is put into the right electrical potential to heal and repair how it should do. Inflammatory build up from the positive charge of radiation (free radicals) on your body is neutralized by the negative charge (anti-oxidants) from the earth - the fire is put out before it can start smouldering and lead to a destructive bush fire, so to speak. ... continue reading

Winter Tips for using Your Earthing Products

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Earthing indoors - Tips to Keep Grounded This Winter Most of us are well and truly feeling the cold nights of winter and now is the perfect time to make sure you are Earthing indoors as much as possible as most of those feet have probably got nice snug boots and shoes on for a good part of the day and night. Using Your Black Universal Mat... continue reading

Could NDD be a cause of sickness today and how Earthing can help?

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Wow! What a wonderful long weekend we had in Melbourne at the MBS sharing the wonderful benefits that indoor Earthing Products can provide. One thing that did standout is that many people are suffering from pain, fatigue, poor sleep and just feeling downright awful and not really knowing why. There is a new term being used today to describe modern day illnesses called NDD – Nature Deficit Disorder! We have basically become so disconnected from Nature and are living in a busy, fast paced artificial world and this is definitely having consequences on our health and well-being as we are not getting those valuable electrons (nature's biggest antioxidant) into our body to repair and heal on a daily basis. While waiting to travel back to Sydney I started reading newspapers in the hotel lobby and here a just... continue reading

Faking It Takes Off – What’s Earthing Products got to do with this!

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I read an interesting article in the paper about how fake “synthetic” grass is taking over in the back and front yards of suburban homes in Australia. Its popularity is due to no mowing, no watering and its durability with children and especially dogs - it certainly sounds wonderful! However, this is another example of how modern technology, while great and innovative to save us time, is totally disconnecting us from the innate health benefits from the Earth. Our children and our pets are going to be the next major victims of inflammatory problems and unexplained i... continue reading

Come and See Our Earthing Products

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We will be displaying all our wonderful Earthing Products at the up and coming Mind Body Spirit Festival at the Convention Centre at South Bank in Melbourne this June Long Weekend 6th June - 9th June from 10am to 7pm and you can find us at STAND A45. This is a fantastic festival which nutures everything natural to do with the mind, body and soul - you'll leave feeling wonderful! If you have been interested in Earthing Products but a bit unsure this is a great event to come and feel the sheets, put your feet on the Earthing computer mat, try on a body band and snuggle up in a throw or plush pad. Also you can try on our new Groundals so that when summer comes around you will be ready with your conductive footwear and take advantage of more grounding when outdoors while protecting your tootsies! We will have our multimeter test set up where you can see the dramatic effect Earthing has on your body - you' ll be amazed! ... continue reading

Do You Suffer From Numb Feet - How an Australian Doctor is applying Earthing

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Earthing has really taken off with over 1 million products being used world wide and the 2nd Edition of the Earthing Book has just been released with new updates on research and observations from around the world. I would like to share with you an excerpt from the 2nd Edition of the "Earthing" book contributed by an Australian Doctor's experience with Diabetic Neuropathy (numbness of the feet) as well as other important health benefits. Diabetics is a huge problem in Australia as well as around the world so this information is so valuable and must be shared. The Australian Experience From David Richards, M.B.B.S., an integrative family physician in Iluka, New South Wales, we received the following detailed report on his experience with diabetes: “In my more than thirty years as a general practitioner, I’ve never had anything to... continue reading

Earthing In Thailand!

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Our Earthing Thailand Holiday I love my Groundals (Earthing footwear) and have been wearing them since around October last year and they have gone many places over that time. We recently went on a family vacation to Thailand and I wore them every day and found them very comfortable and with the added bonus that I was Earthing myself quite a bit throughout the day while exploring, as unless you are on the beach it’s not a place you would take your shoes off often and walk barefoot. ... continue reading