How Earthing and Grounding Products can help - Are You One Of These People?

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We had such a lovely time at Brisbane and it was very inspiring to hear your stories of how Earthing and using the Earthing Products has helped with so many different health issues. We also spoke to quite a lot of people who are suffering and have never heard of Earthing so it was very gratifying to be able to pass on our knowledge of Earthing to them. So many of these people are taking countless medications every day and for years possibly for the fest of their lives and are still not getting better or even feeling better as each medications may have side effects that cause other problems. I read this statement just the other day and I can see why so many people are suffering. “342,000 Australians will visi... continue reading

Washing Your Earthing Sheets

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We get many calls about "how should I wash my Earthing sheet?” and although this information is on our User Guide for Australia, which comes with all products, some of our customers are still washing their sheets incorrectly and this can reduce the longevity of the sheets. So please follow these simple steps to get the most out of your sheet:- Do’s Do wash your Earthing sheet a minimum of twice per month, more washing is better than less washing. Do wash your sheet in a washing machine. Do wash your sheet with WARM water – Washing in warm water strips body sweat and natural skin oils from the silver keeping it conductive. Do line dry your sheet and do dry your sheet in a dryer on low if needed. Do use mild liquid laundry detergent, s... continue reading

Stress and the Silly Season - How Can Earthing Help?

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The Christmas season can be a very stressful time for many of us and it’s hard to understand as it’s portrayed as a joyous and happy time. It certainly can be happy and fun, however, we usually change our habits around this time as well – we attend more social and family events, we shop more, we tend to eat different foods or more of them, we stay out later, we may forego our exercise and meditation routines, we drink more and our usual sleep routine is disrupted to name a few. So we tend to worry more, be anxious and sometimes fearful trying keep up with it all. All these extra stresses cause the sneaky hormone cortisol to be released from the adrenal glands and cortisol can be very destructive to your health. This could be why we can sometimes feel like the bah humbug... continue reading

Earthing Pillow Cases and Flat Sheet Review

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My Personal Experience with the Pillow Cases and Flat Sheets: Well over the past 4 weeks I have been sleeping totally Earthed top to toe with the fitted bottom sheet, the flat top sheet and the pillow cases. – all parts of my body and head have been receiving the benefits of the Earth’s Energy ….. S o do I think there is a benefit from increasing the amount of “Earth” bedding one sleeps with or is one sheet sufficient? This is... continue reading

Soft and Versatile New Plush Pad

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We are loving the new plush pad, which is like a mini version of the soft throw blanket, and because of its softness it is very versatile to wrap around various parts of the body and as it is soft and flexible it can be used on top of your pillow while you sleep as well. (Note: If you do intend to place your face on it please make sure all oils and creams have had time to be absorbed into the skin.) I would like to share a few stories with you of how we have used the plush pad of late. Dental Work: My daughter recently had out 4 wisdom teeth and was in a lo... continue reading

Outlet Checkers - A must have!

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Until recently I thought the outlet tester was a handy testing tool to have, should you be unsure of your electrical wiring, use while travelling to test the power points or just to satisfy your own mind that the outlet is in fact grounded to the Earth. (All homes in Australia have to be grounded by law.) Well we now have a completely different attitude and appreciate that they are an absolute must to have with your Earthing products. Firstly all our electrical power boards and cords are tested by an independent inspector before we commence at the Festival. During our demonstrations on the second day, using the multimeter to show how Earthing reduces artificial electrical build up on the body, we suddenly... continue reading

Earthing Body Bands - Amazing

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Wow, how quickly is January going – Happy Australia Day to all. I hope you get the opportunity to go barefoot on a beautiful patch of Australian earth somewhere. I personally will be soaking up those beautiful electrons from the white sands of Jervis Bay. Over the December/January holiday season I got to catch up with a... continue reading

My time with the Earthing Team

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Wow! I had the most incredible time while visiting Clint Ober and the Earthing team at Palm Springs, USA, recently and it was just so inspiring to see how dedicated they all are about spreading this valuable message around the world. Apart from the US, Australia is leading the way with their enthusiasm for Earthing - I guess we know how good it is to go barefoot on the beach in summer and get our shoes off more often than other big countri... continue reading

Jet Lag and Earthing

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As soon as we arrived in the USA I was very keen to find a patch of ground and sit with my bare feet on it for about 30 mins to energise and reset our internal body clocks to local time. Well - forget anything at LA airport, you just need to get out of there. So by the time we picked up our hire car and our "wonderful" GPS guided us to the freeway there were no parks to be seen - just miles and miles of endless twisted freeways. After we had been driving for about 1... continue reading

Earthing & Air Travel

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While travelling to the USA we wanted to see if the Auto Mats would help with the large amount of static electrical buildup that we all we receive while travelling in vehicles and disconnected from the natural earth. We connected the mat to a piece of exposed metal with an alligator clip as you would with the vehicle pad on the seat in front of us and you could do the same thing with the band, patch, etc., if you didn't have a mat. This sort of grounding is not the same as using the Earthing Sheets or Universal Mats as we have no natural ground/earth to connect to, however, the metal chassis of the plane becomes the common ground - which reduces the effects of electrical stress on our bodies by keeping our static electrical voltage stable. We didn't sit on the mat but rather put it on the hand rest... continue reading

Effects of Grounding Sunflowers

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... continue reading

Earthing on Dr Oz TV

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The word is spreading about the benefits of Earthing or Grounding yourself and recently Dr. Oz had Dr. Mercola ( a leading alternative health Doctor) on his national TV show discussing Earthing or grounding the body. The segment was only brief, however, we thought we would share it with you. In it, Dr. Mercola argues that earthing can give you more energy, thin your blood, and help you lose weight. By the end, Dr. Oz seems to agree that there’s probably something to the theory behind grounding ourselves by walking barefoot on the earth. Of course we can't always do this due to our busy lifestyles, physical disabilities and age so by using a substitute earthing... continue reading