Anti-Radiation Products To Complement Earthing

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Over the years we have had many requests to add mobile phone chips and anti-radiation products to our Earthing shop so they can shop in one place, however, I have never really been confident distributing products that haven’t had good certified testing and above all are easy to integrate into our everyday lives, consistently, such as Earthing . Well I’m pleased to inform you that we now carry a range of proven Mobile Phone Protection Smartchips and Anti-Radiation shielding for those of you that want to add this extra protection to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from radiation ... continue reading

Deepak Chopra Supports Earthing

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Deepak Chopra is a world-renowned author, public speaker, alternative medicine advocate and self-help guru and has now added the practice of earthing (or grounding) to his six pillars of well-being philosophy. “I’ve recently been fascinated with the practice of grounding . It’... continue reading

A Young Woman's Personal Earthing Story

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I am 26 yrs old and have chronic fatigue. In my early school years I experienced a traumatic incident and then again in young adult years. I now also know I was high copper from infanthood. These problems, I think, contributed to me having allergies, headaches, body pain, digestive issues, painful periods, mood swings, mental health issues, anxiety, insomnia, sensory processing disorder and great difficulty focusing. At 24 yrs I had to leave a job I loved working with children, and have been unable to work since. During 2014 (24 yrs) I commenced a nutritional balancing program and had the first of a series of hair tissue analysis to determine the underlying physical reasons for my problems. Through the nutritional balancing program, I began to gradually release Copper, Arse... continue reading

Lead Found In One in 12 Tap Water and How Propur Filters Can Help

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I was surprised to to hear a recent news story that one in 12 tap water samples taken form NSW households exceeded safe amounts of lead. Who would have thought lead would be a problem today as there has been more focuss on the dangers of fluorides and glyphosates contaminating our drinking water. Clean, toxic free water has been on our agenda for awhile and that is one of the reasons we decided to introduce Propur Water Filteration Systems into our line of products as it is one of the rare water systems that remove fluorides, heavy metals as well as other nasty toxic chemicals. ... continue reading

Dr Mercola' Uses Earthing

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It’s always great to see a prominent Health Professional, such as Dr Joseph Mercola, recommending Earthing . Dr Mercola has made a very interesting video “A Day in the Life of Dr Mercola” where he highly recommends walking barefoot to get your daily amount of Earthing , at the beach if possible, and to see him barefoot in his garden is a lesson we can all learn from. However, although he doesn’t talk about the benefits of indoor Earthing in this video, I got a buzz to see him using our Earthing Mat on his Stand Board while working in his home office.... continue reading

New Propur Water Filtration Systems

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Water is a vital part of our everyday needs, however, the water we drink today can be laden with toxic chemicals that have been linked with many problematic health issues. We are very excited to be able to offer you an extensive range of some of the best Propur water filtration systems on the market today that take out most chemicals including Fluoride and Glyphosate "Roundup" starting from as little as $139.00 that are simple and easy to use! ... continue reading

Tips To Stay Earthed This Winter

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I have had a few calls over the last couple of weeks, probably due to the cold weather, asking how much skin contact needs to be touching the Earthing Sheet, or pads to be effective. It is simple really, as long as some bare skin comes in direct contact with the Earthing sheet , pad or mat , such as your feet or hands. However, if some part of your body does not directly contact the sheet, it will require some moisture (perspiration) for the direct current of the Earth to flow through the fabric in... continue reading

Hit The Slopes And Have More Fun & Action When Earthing

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If you’re going to take advantage of the snow this winter and head to the alps– get more fun and action out of your visit by making sure you sleep Earthed after your jam packed day of skiing, snowboarding or tobogganing - it really can make a huge difference to how you feel the next day. You see Earthing has been shown to significantly reduce the degree and duration of soreness and inflammation after intense exercise that creates muscle damage. Such damage is a common exercise and fitness phenomenon, known popularly as delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS. ... continue reading

How Earthing Protects The Massage Therapist

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​ Massage Therapists and bodyworkers can experience a lot of pain and inflammation which seems to come with the occupation, however, did you know that using an Earthing Mat , Earthing Bands, Patches or an Earthing Yoga Mat on the massage table under or connected to the client will ground ... continue reading

Our Warm And Snuggly Throw - You'll Love It!

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Winter is here and the days and nights are getting much cooler and if you feel the cold our soft, warm padded Earthing Throw is a beautiful addition to your Earthing Products because not only will it Earth you it will keep you toastie warm as well! You can use the Throw in many ways such as ... continue reading

Our New Silver Product

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You may already be aware of the amazing benefits silver has to offer with our Earthing Sheets and other Earthing Products, however, we now have a brand new silver product, distributed exclusively by us, called Stellarcleenz™ Stellarcleenz™ is a natural, chemical free, anti-microbial 99.99% pure silver cloth alternative to all alcohol-based body sanitizers, wipes and gels and is better for your health. ... continue reading

Myopia - A dramatic increase from 2% to 60% in our kids - why?

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Many times I write about spending more time outside barefoot, Earthing, and replenishing our body with beneficial ‘electrons’, however, it has now been proven that it’s even more important to get outdoors, especially for young children, so that they don’t develop early Myopia - short sightedness which could lead to serious problems later in life. Alarmingly in just one generation... continue reading