What's Skiing Got to do with Earthing?

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Looks like the cold weather is well and truly about to hit the southern states this weekend, with lots of snow predicted in the Alpine regions. So… you may be tempted to rush to the slopes and enjoy a few action packed days of skiing, snowboarding or just fun frolicking about. ... continue reading

Generation Overstimulation and Earthing

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I read an interesting article in the Sunday paper last week with the heading “Generation Y Overstimulation?” - 18-29 year olds lifestyles are too busy and too stressed and this is driving the country towards a “massive health crisis”! It seems our younger generation spend a great deal of time on some form of technology, and it’s part of their everyday lives and it could be considered addictive with constant checking of emails, Facebook and Twitter while doing other chores. What our young folk can do easily is check their emails while talking on the phone and according to Dr. Devitin, a neuroscientist, this creates “a... continue reading

Earthing and Other Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

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Mid-winter is such a typical time of the year for our immune systems to start failing us isn’t it? By half way through the year many of us have been going full steam ahead with work or home projects so when the cooler weather sets in and slows us down a little, small cracks in our health start to appear. Often tell-tale signs that our immune systems have taken a battering include having a recurring cold or finding that a wound is slow to heal . I know for myself since I’v... continue reading

Winter with your Earthing Throw

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The chilly winter weather is well and truly here and I’ve been loving my beautiful warm Earthing throw while I’m sleeping Earthed. Not only does it keep me snug and warm, its soo.. soft to be in contact with and very nurturing. I sleep with an Earthing fitted sheet underneath and the Throw on top as a top sheet which I find a very warm combination, allowing me to have all my bare legs exposed to the two (2) Earthing Products. Winter can be a time when we are all rugged up and don’t have much skin exposed when we are in bed, however, the Earthing Throw creates a very warm energy and you may be able to g... continue reading

Shocked At The Time I Spent Earthed!

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We have had such a busy week and finally all set up here at Melbourne Mind Body Spirit. So if you’re from down this way, we’d love to see you at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. While we’ve been so hectic in the office, our staff love the fact they can still connect to the Earth while they work – all our work stations have universal mats so staff can kick off their shoes or wear Earthing shoes and still get Grounded – reaping the benefits of the Earth’s free electrons while they work. But after watching Dr. Laura Koniver's video last week on "How Much Earthing Do We Need" - Click Here if you m... continue reading

How Much Earthing Do We Need?

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I often get asked "HOW MUCH EARTHING DO I NEED AND CAN I GET TOO MUCH?" Well in my experience the more you can get the better to keep your body in a balanced state and healthy! In this short video, Laura explains that even a second is useful and what actually happens to your body when you connect for just 1 second... continue reading

Could Shoes Really Be Making Us Sick?

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When was the last time you spent 30 minutes walking barefoot with the earth beneath your feet? - A week, a month, six months, a year? The truth is, if you live in the industrialised world, you are probably having very little connection to the earth at all. Right now you are standing on an incredible energy source – The Earth. Every time you walk barefoot on the Earth,... continue reading

The Painful Truth of Fibromyalgia

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To mark National Fibromyalgia Day (12th May), we wanted to share with you some encouraging stories from the Clarence River Fibromyalgia support group who have been using Earthing Sheets, Mats and Bands to help combat their pain and illnesses. Janni Walker (68): “For years I have experienced pain in my legs, neck and shoulders. My life was on hold. I spent a lot of time huddled up as I couldn’t bear to move. When I heard about the Earthing products, I thought it was just another gimmick. I tried the bands for 45 minutes and the cramps and pain I got from IBS just went away. I now use the Bands and Half Sheet and overall I feel my body is m... continue reading

Mother's Are Amazing!

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Mothers, you are the ultimate CEO’s of the family, and few would disagree. The many hats you wear are incredible – the financial advisor, the negotiator, the bus driver, the nurturer, the bodyguard, chef, comforter and bedtime storyteller. The career woman, the cleaner, lover, fashion consultant, hairdresser, nurse and keeper of secrets. I am constantly amazed at how mothers manage all these roles so fearfully and wonderfully. Even when exhaustion kicks in, mothers are willing to put the needs of their children and their husband ahead of their own at the peril of their own health. ... continue reading

Happy Earth Day

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Today is Earth Day so let’s celebrate the healing powers of this planet…. Why? Because Earthing is the most inexpensive health benefit you’ll ever find in the world! And how good would you feel if you were the person responsible for changing another person’s life and giving them back their health and well-being – it’s really easy! Just go and tell ONE PERSON about the benefits of walking barefoot on the Earth today. ... continue reading

Earthing for 8 months - The Difference Is Amazing!

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See for yourself why Earthing is definitely Natures most Potent Anti-Ageing Treatment! Hope you enjoyed my blog about the comparison with the two plants last week and how we may think that Earthing is doing nothing - and how wrong that can be. Click here if you would like to read . Well a couple of weeks before, we also brought you Coleen Fynn's story of her suffering and how she found relief with Earthing. Coleen is head of a Fibromyalgia Group and about 3 years ago she did a story on this topic in her local newspaper which also took a picture of her to go with the story - she was not Earthing at this time. Click here to listen to Colee... continue reading

Earthing - The Proof Is In The Pictures

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One thing that a lot of people, new to and using Earthing Indoor Products want to know is.... "when will I see results and how long will it take". This is a very hard question to answer as each person is an individual with different needs and circumstances, however, one thing that I definitely do know is that Earthing will deliver subtle changes to your body's health and appearance over time. These subtle changes may be unnoticeable and improvements to your health become your “new normal”. For example you may start sleeping deeper for 5 hours a night instead of 3 and now 5 hours will seem like your normal amount of sleep to you and you may feel that Earthing is not doing anything. Sometimes it hard to notice these changes a... continue reading